Thursday, August 28, 2014


Way back in the day, when Gina was a tiny thing, she needed access to litter(now she goes outside) and a place for her food that she could easily get to(now it's on a table). Most people know that dogs love cat food and they even love cat poop...ugh. The most manageable solution in my tiny studio apartment was to set Gina's food and litter up in the bathroom and train the dogs to stay out of the bathroom.

Luckily they took to it easily. I only had to tell them "out" a few times and reward them for getting out or staying out. After a couple days, I could even leave them home alone and they would steer clear of the bathroom and its delicious contents.

Norman developed an adorable habit of watching his new little friend while she hung out in "her" room.

One cool outcome of this training that I did not expect is that to this day, Kaya and Norman avoid all bathrooms. Without me even telling them to, they stay out of all the bathrooms at our new house, my parents' house and any other that we have visited. I would never have known how much I would appreciate it but I realized that it's so nice to not have their paws on the wet floor or their wiggly butts in such cramped quarters.

And it comes in handy when I bring Gina to my parents house where I once again have to set up her litter in the bathroom since she cannot go outside there.

Have you ever experienced any unexpected training benefits? How do you cat/dog people keep your pups from their food and litter?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I got this new pillow from Ikea.

It's a bit trendy. But I like it.

Plus it goes good with my cat.

And my dog.

That's what counts.

Do you have any home decor that goes particularly well with your pets?

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