Wednesday, October 31, 2012


At long last, we're on Facebook! I've been trying to set it up for weeks now, but once I made a regular account I could not change it to a fan page using the same name and they make you wait weeks for it to delete! Alas, Facebook can be a necessary evil:/ But this means more photos(is this possible?), updates that aren't weeks out(like most of my blog posts are) and we can join our blogger friends there too:)

Come say hi!



Treat...always treat:D

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


With many friends and family who live in New York, New Jersey and Maryland I have been thinking about them non-stop during this terrible storm. I can't believe I was just there last week enjoying the warmer-than-usual fall weather and fun outdoor events.

Zoey was feelin' the heat a week ago in Maryland.

One of Zoey's favorite playing fields now belongs to the river:(

Last time we played there.

Where did it go?

But Zoey is unsure of what all the fuss is about.

I hope that everyone out there, both 2 and 4-legged are safe and dry tonight and that their lives return to normal soon. Wishing thoughts of sunshine to everyone from California.


We met up with Shaka's new momma to take her to her spay appointment tomorrow. Lucky for us, she works later in the day, so we were able to pick Shaka up at noon and go on a hike! She ran right past me and jumped in the car to greet her old pals. She clamored from the front seat, over the center console to join them in the back seat like she had never left. And she wiggled so hard I thought she might tip the car over!

As soon as we started the hike I could tell this was not the old Shaka, it was super happy Shaka! Yes, even happier than I left her. What an awesome sign when coming back to us after spending a couple weeks with her new people and animals.

Let's Go!

Lookin' Perdy!

Re-uniting with her friends!

Saying Hello!

Happy Girl!

Monday, October 29, 2012


With all of our busy summer activities, I forgot to post on Kaya's 1-year anniversary from when I adopted her, which fell on August 28th!

From a Target parking lot to the shelter to me!

Here is what I have to say to her after making it a whole year together:

There were times I wanted to kill you and times I wanted to cuddle you. There were times when I couldn't get you to eat and I couldn't get you to come and I couldn't get you to stop pulling on the leash, but every night you kept me warm and every day you made me laugh. You were so much more than I bargained for, but now that I know you I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so proud that you are my dog. I can picture you being 15 years old and still having a zest for life. I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. My Pretty Little Baby.

A few things I learned about Kaya so far:

Kaya loves cats.

Kaya loves to sunbathe.

Kaya loves her ball.

Kaya loves to cuddle.

Kaya loves to swim.

Kaya loves her brother, Norman.

And we love her.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012


We started out the day at the Coast to Coast Bully Walk - Oakland Edition.

Look who we spotted in the car next to's my brother & Motlie!

 It wasn't a huge event as this was their first year participating, but everyone had a blast and it was awesome of California Pit Bull Rescue to organize it!

Ready to walk!

Kaya stayed at home, she wasn't ready to get out of bed!

Raider & Jada-Bear

Raider is not afraid to show off his tutu! Pumpkin & Duke dressed up too:) All 3 were up for adoption!

We met a lot of really nice people and even got some random pit-bull walkers to join us:) We also reunited with some familiar faces from our hikes and dog park visits.

Norman on the move, Bernie on the right

I love the story of the dog in the above picture, Bernie. I met his owner when she very first adopted him at my dog park when Kaya was just a puppy. She told me that her kids had been wanting a dog forever and she agreed to adopt a dog. She had a medium, poodle-type dog in mind, but they walked out of the shelter with a pit bull. They love him to death and spoil him rotten. I remember being envious of his calm and sweet demeanor, hoping I could find Kaya a buddy just like him some day!

We met Pumpkin(in the middle) on a hike last week, she was so sweet!

Gimme some luv.

This guy had his 8-week-old puppy, Milo, in a baby carrier so he could enjoy the walk too, Norman had to say hello.

Time for a break.

An attempted group photo.

Motlie's turn!

We got these cool bumper stickers, plus some vegan cookies(for people) and doggie treats!

After the bully walk I had to stop at home to get Kaya, then we were off to play at the park and then to Howl-o-Ween!

Now Norman is ready for a nap, but Kaya is ready to go!

A beautiful day on the bay.

A new friend:)

We had to decide between Howl-o-Ween and Barktoberfest and opted for Howl-o-Week with promises of a kick ass costume contest, booths and music. We showed up to find 2 booths of animals for adoption, both of which held multiple chihuahuas that lunged and yapped at our dogs as we walked by, a dj set-up with no music and not a costume in sight:/

Howl-o-Ween was boooring! Boo:(

We left quickly and scoped out a dog-friendly Thai restaurant so we could relax outside.


I'm not sure how much awareness we created, but we had a great day! Well, we did get one comment at Howl-o-Ween when all the little dogs were barking at us, someone remarked at how the 3 pit bulls were ignoring the crazy little ones:) Though next year, I have high hopes of finding a great costume contest and maybe joining in(I have an awesome idea for a pairs costume)!

What did you do to celebrate?