Thursday, December 11, 2014


Zoey is now on one pill a day for her allergies. The vet says she will need to take it every day for the rest of her life to stay healthy. The good news it, it's working! No more itching or twitching. No more scratching, bloody hot spots, relentlessly kicking her hind legs at her belly. No more cone head or sprays. She is so healthy and happy. Plus all the hair has grown back on her beautiful tail!

The bad news...Zoey hates pills. Like really hates pills. She'll fish them out of a bowl full of kibble, meat, cream cheese, peanut butter, pill pockets and anything else we tried. My dad can pry her jaw open and get the pill down the back of her throat but my mom and I never could. Plus we hate doing that to her.

When our new vet started treating her skin problems, she was on several pills morning and night. We asked if they had any suggestions on getting her to take them. They suggested coating the pills in butter.

We were shocked when she gulped them down and asked for seconds! We stared wide-eyed at her, thinking about all the times in her 11 years we had fought her on this issue. Kaya and Norman usually come over to see what the fuss is about and I let them lick my greasy hand...yum!

Do you have any "magic" tricks that work for your dog?

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