Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Kaya & Norman were still trottin' around with their original tags I got for them as puppies. Just the name and phone number ones you get from the machine at the pet store. I'd been meaning to get them some fun custom tags for a long time but finally got around to it once I noticed that their old tags, along with their cheapo split rings had gotten all rusted and were rubbing off on the nice stainless steel bottle opener D-rings on their Cycle Dog collars.

boring old rusted tags on their old collars

I decided on a couple tags from Critter Bling on Etsy. In case you haven't checked it out, Etsy is amazing for pet products and other handmade/personalized items. Remember our Etsy Halloween collars? Every shop owner I have worked with on Etsy has been so dedicated to their craft, pleasant to communicate with and passionate about their product. This shop was no exception. I sent her a long drawn-out explanation of what I wanted which was really a combo of several different tags she had listed, but without any further questions, she understood exactly what I wanted! About a week later, for just 11 bucks each, I had my awesome new tags!

Can you guess which is Kaya's and which is Norman's?

I love their names in the circles, she stamped the letters and circles all separately by hand!

I had to go with nu-gold(red brass) for Kaya because I love this metal with her eyes and Norman's is a nice nickle silver. I even loved the packaging which included a cute tin, tissue paper, tiny baggies for each tag and even separators so the split rings wouldn't rub on the tags. She also included 2 stainless steel split rings with each tag so I no longer have to worry about that damn rust on my tags and collars!

I spent about an hour scrubbing the rust off the D-rings!

And of course we had to head to the park for a photo shoot! Getting the dogs to stay put was easy, but getting the tags to stay put in the breeze was not something I anticipated...

I love these tags so much, if I ever get around to buying Kaya and Norman their leather collars, I might just order the same ones so I don't have to worry about switching the tags between the collars.

Do your pups have special tags or do they keep it simple?

The all important bloopers ;-)

Stay tuned because I also have a tag for Gina coming soon and another set of super fun custom tags for Kaya and Norman!

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  1. What great tags!

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Super cute tags! Right now we just have the ones from the pet store because we will be moving soon... once we do and have a new address and phone number I'll be looking to update!

  3. Ray has a special one with a peace sign but he gets too stimulated with even a small tag. Somewhere along the line he had a Ravens tag with his name on it but managed to eat it.

    1. Ha, that's funny that he gets excited by his tag. He's a big puppy!

  4. I love their new tags. I have a tag with a tennis ball on it for Ace from a company called dogIDs.com. I totally want to order him a leather collar at some point.

  5. OH MY GOSH first of all your cat looks photoshopped in in the first picture! Haha it made me laugh.
    These are great tags and you couldn't have picked a more perfect phrase for each of them. The pictures of Kaya with her ball are truly the best.

    1. Haha, ya I love the one with her nose in the air, her ball on one side of her mouth and her tongue on the other:)