Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This was Norman's first trip to Chrissy Field.

So pretty.


Golden Gate.

Look at how little he was compared to Kaya!

My little pudgy man.

WHAT THE &^#$%@! MIX AM I?

Whenever someone asks me what breed my dogs are, my typical response is, "Pit-mix probably, but I really don't know because they are rescue dogs." And the truth is, they are really just mutts. A couple of awesome mutts and I wouldn't have it any other way. Though I do hope they have some bully blood in them considering what a die-hard pit bull fan I am! But really, I am just curious more than anything.

Am I related to big foot?

Am I part sorceror?

Am I mixed with walrus?

Maybe Tigger is my cousin.

So...I am super excited that I just ordered 2 Wisdom Panel DNA Tests! Both of my dogs were labeled "Pit Bull mix" at the shelter, but what the hell are they really??

Kaya looked kind of bull terrier when she was a pup.

And Norman looked like...I don't know...a ball of cute?

So here are my guesses(excluding APBT because wisdom panel does not test for it)...

Kaya: am staff, greyhound, whippet, catahoula, border collie, hound(of some sort), pointer, boxer, bull terrier

Kaya's main traits: athletic, lean, smart, agile, energetic, fast, sweet, confident, willful, impatient, determined, tolerant, ball-dog, lap-dog & cuddly

Norman: am staff, staffordshire bull terrier, lab, american bulldog, boxer, dalmation, pointer

Norman's main traits: sweet, tolerant, gentle, patient, playful, uncoordinated, sensitive, submissive, not so smart, cuddly, loving

I've always thought Kaya was a pit-greyhound mix and Norman was a pit-lab mix so we'll see! It seems like there is always one completely random breed thrown in. For example, Motlie looks like a total pit bull, only leaner. Her mix ended up being 50% am-staff(duh) and 25% gordon setter(wtf?!) But when I read the traits of each breed, they really matched up with her.

What are your guesses? Also, has anyone else tested their dogs...what were the results?

Even though I am curious about their breed, I think they're perfect no matter what:)

Check out Kaya's results and Norman's results!


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Monday, November 26, 2012


Even though we got to do tons of amazing things during our week in Tahoe, the best part for me and my pups was spending lots of time with the family. Though Kaya and Norman see lots of people every day on our hikes and outings, plus my friends and brother, still most of the their time is spent with just me. So I could only assume that they would be thrilled to spend a week in a house with my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law and my cousin. They definitely made the most of it, dishing out kisses, cuddles and play time every chance they got.

It was the first time for everyone apart from my parents to meet the dogs so I was really excited! My brother became a huge fan of using the chuck-it to launch Kaya's ball as far as humanly possible.

My cousin loved swimming with them and taking their pictures with her waterproof camera!

And my sister-in-law was probably my favorite because she admitted before we got there that she had never been around pit bulls before and was nervous. She wondered if she was supposed to act differently around them or expect something different. Though as soon as they hopped out of the car, she was surprised that they were very normal and sweet. She was quick to join the Norman fan-club and took hold of his leash everywhere we went. She couldn't get enough of his kisses no matter how invasive he was:/

Also, she brought her SLR camera and took some cool shots of the dogs!

And I can't forget my dad with his buddy, Norman:)


It was such a beautiful day out so I decided to take the dogs to Pt. Isabel so they could run off some steam before expecting them to chill out at my brother's.

I think a lot of other people had the same idea. The park was packed with happy pups!

By the time I got to my brother's, he said Motlie needed to run around too. Luckily, he lives right across the street from a dog park.

They looooove cousin get-togethers!

I accidentally threw Kaya's ball in the tree. Lucky for her, my brother was able to stand on a chair and rescue it.

Once we got home, it seemed that the dogs were still not done showing off their ninja moves.

No matter how many times Motlie asked her sister, Kaylie if she wanted to play, she always chose the TV instead.

Then it was finally time for us to eat! All the pups got raw bones for dinner. Motlie got to eat hers in her crate, Kaya & Norman hung out with us and Kaylie took hers under the couch, just to be safe. Motlie was still up for wrestle mania after dinner, but after several trips to her crate, a few peanut butter kongs and multiple corrections she was finally ready to cuddle on the couch with us:)

Motlie could not find a spot on the couch so she planted herself right on top of Kaya. It was so sweet!


Is it time to play again?.

Kaya getting a hug from my brother's girlfriend:)

Norman is not quite convinced it is time to go.

One group shot before we hit the road:)

What did you and your pups do for Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


On our last day in Tahoe, I took Kaya and Norman to the Truckee River for the first time. They loved it and they got to amuse some rafters too!

Hey lady! Are you coming? I've got balls to catch!

Wait, Kaya! I'm coming!

Don't have all day, pal.

Wait, how'd she get all the way out there?

The current was taking her sideways:)

I'm bored.

But Norman can swim too!

Only he doesn't know what to do once he's out there.

How many times do I have to tell you? Throw that ball, lady.

But Norman got cold.

And he longed for Kaya to return to shore.

So they could do this.

This cracked me up. Neither could figure out how to get it.

Hey, how'd you get that ball, lady?

And why are you laughing at us?

Norman got sick of swimming early on and waited patiently for Kaya every time.

Sorry Kaya, we gotta go.

Until next time, river.