Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well, we had to take a little blog break for Christmas and visiting family. Hopefully all of you had a wonderful holiday! Here's a couple things we have been up to...

We've had a lot of rain so the dogs have spent plenty of time cuddling inside...

But Christmas Eve was a sunny beautiful day so we went to Chrissy Field...

Kaya got to swim!

And Norman made some friends:)

Are there enough dogs here for Norman to play with?

But this was his main squeeze for the day.

And Kaya got to play her favorite game...

And Norman made more friends...

Then Norman tried to catch her...

But he gave up quickly;)

Kaya & Norman got new toys for Christmas...

Waiting patiently...

While trying to get a good picture, I realized that I have never taught them a hold command. 
I think that will have to be a new years resolution...

How can I play with my new toy if you keep telling me to look at you??

The next day we went on a road trip...

To Tahoe for our first snow trip of the winter...

Sadly, we head home tomorrow. We'll have a full post about our trip soon though! What have you been up to over the holidays? I hope everyone has a  safe and happy new years!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


It's been a while, but I finally bought Kaya & Norman new collars. Wait, scratch that. I should say I finally bought Kaya & Norman new collars that they are actually going to wear. 

I did a photo shoot with this new collar and then put it away:/

I've got a whole pile of custom fabric collars that I realized are the worst possible collar for a dog to wear if he/she spends all their time running around in the sand, dirt or mud, as well as swimming, wrestling and rolling in questionable substances.

This was the only day they wore even one pair of their custom collars...since they went on a "clean" outing.

So in the mean time, they've just been wearing a series of basic Target collars. Now I know dogs don't care what they wear(I'm sure they'd prefer to be naked), but I'll just pretend they care so I can feel better about my craziness!

The nylon collars work great for their activities, but they're so boring!

Anyways, last summer my mom bought a Cycle Dog collar for Zoey. I really liked it so I bought the same one for Norman and a purple one for Kaya!

It's kind of hard to see underneath all her furs, but it looks really good on her!

I love these collars because they are 1.5" width and they are lined with recycled rubber, which is supposed to dry quickly and keep the stink away for dogs that get dirty and wet all the time. That's us! My mom said Zoey's collar has worked really well at being stink-free, even with her German Shepherd coat and non-stop swimming! So I'm excited to see how these hold up. But in the meantime, they look really nice. And since the outside is nylon, I know they will wash clean really easily. Oh, and they also have a bottle opener for the D-ring...not that I can remember the last time I needed a bottle opener, but I like it anyways.

Norman trying to look sophisticated.

I think purple is Kaya's color!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Ever since she was a puppy, Kaya has loved to sleep under the covers. If she wants to get covered up, she shoves her nose at the edges until I lift up one side so she can burrow under. Then she shuffles around until she's in the perfect position. She even sleeps this way in the summer, but she's more persistent in the winter. Kaya will stop at nothing to get under the covers. Needless to say, I never get cold at night.

But sometimes she doesn't get it right...

And sometimes she needs a pillow too...

Sometimes she wishes no one would notice her...

But usually she wants to cuddle with her friends...

She still finds a way to do upside-down dog...

Sometimes she has to be completely covered...

Other times she peeks out only a little bit...

One thing's for sure, she always looks completely pleased with herself...

And she even likes to be covered up when she's wearing her hoodie...

Kaya does not like to mess around when it comes to comfort. Do any of your dogs like to sleep under the covers?

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I took this video on Norman's 3rd day with us. My brother and I went to Chrissy Field so Norman could check out the beach...probably for the first time! I posted a few of the still photos from that day here. Norman wasn't so sure about the water, but he was sure that he wanted to try his best to keep up with Kaya! This video really reminds me of why there was such an overnight change in Kaya's behavior when I brought Norman home. You can tell that she is over the moon to have a playmate of her very own and a best friend for life.

I must have watched this video 20 times in a row while I was editing and uploading it. And I think I listened to the song about 10, but I still haven't gotten sick of either. I remember loving this song in high school and when I watched the video, I immediately thought of it. I don't know what it's about. He pretty much just repeats the chorus over and over, but I love the line, "It has gone and gone to dogs." Pretty much sums it up.

I would love to go back to that day. Norman was SO easy(and still is), but honestly, the scene is still exactly the same with them, only he's about 50 pounds heavier:)

Monday, December 10, 2012


When I got home the other day, I was welcomed by a yard full of shredded cardboard. I was concerned that a neighbor's package had been left in my yard by accident, but then it dawned on me what it was. It was my barely recognizable DNA test kits:(

They were delivered so quick that I didn't think of it. Kaya and Norman are usually really good about being left home alone, but after 3 days of pouring rain and shortened outings(plus I ran out of knuckle bones to keep them occupied), their instincts took over their good-dog manners and they went to town on the delicious new multi-layered pieces of cardboard. Luckily, I did find one of the kits under the stairs unharmed, but the first was only remnants of its former self:(

So...I contacted Amazon who told me to contact the marketplace seller who told me to contact the post office who told me "too bad" basically. Then I contacted Wisdom Panel directly, told them what happened and they were so nice and sent me a replacement right away for free!

So whether or not my dogs were trying to tell me something about not wanting to find out their origins is just too bad. I am going to no matter what! I found the new box safe and sound in my mailbox today so now all I have to do it send them off!

On a side note...does anyone else's dog like to sit half on one step and half on another?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Last May I had a couple things to do in San Francisco and usually when we go to the city, I take the dogs to Chrissy Field to play at the beach, but I wanted to try somewhere new. I read online that Fort Funston was a great off-leash dog beach so we had to check it out!

Yes, it was so beautiful. We were blown away...literally. It was so windy that I had to wear my sunglasses to protect my eyes and pull my hood tight around my face to keep the sand from hurting it. Even the dogs kept turning their backs to the sand-filled gusts. We found some trails that were a bit protected by the hills but we couldn't even make it down to beach level:(

Though there was one really great thing about it. Norman found a stray flip flop and he thought it was pretty much the best thing ever!

By then we had had enough. Next time we'll head back to Chrissy Field. Because it faces to bay and not the ocean, wind is not a real threat over there. We like sand but not in our eyeballs!


Monday, December 3, 2012


My mom's dog sitter in Maryland has 5 pit bulls. I got the pleasure of meeting her and spending some time with her when I visited in October. She is a widow and cares for her 2 teenagers, her mother and her grandmother along with her 5 beloved rescued pits. They are gorgeous dogs and soooo sweet. Her dream is to some day open her own pit bull rescue in the area. Unfortunately, she lives in a townhouse in a very cookie-cutter neighborhood and the woman who lives next door to her really has it out for her. Though her dogs are quiet and mostly stay inside, her neighbor just doesn't like pit bulls and really doesn't like living next to 5 of them. She has made several calls to the city, complaining that the dogs are vicious.

At a dog festival in October. I think they got more attention than any other dog there. Everyone adored them:)

Now, I am willing to let go of all my pit bull favoritism and just dish out the facts on these dogs. I went for an evening walk with her one night and she had all 5 dogs in toe. I would have helped her, but I was walking Zoey who is terrible with other dogs. But she easily walked them even with a broken foot in a big cast! I'll also add that one of them is deaf and another is a puppy. So we walked past many yappy lunging small dogs, other big dogs, kids, runners, squirrels...the whole neighborhood experience and her dogs remained unfazed and kindly greeted anyone interested.

We also went to Octoberfest! Like the other festival, the dogs got (almost) as much attention as the beer & sausages!

Beyond them just being awesome dogs in general, Zoey has become best buds with all of them, which is a true testament to their good nature. Zoey can only be trusted around dogs that completely ignore her and give her plenty of space. Until recently, Kaya and Norman were the only dogs Zoey had accepted as friends and not enemies(aka: lunch) in the past 8 years. I think Zoey loves pit bulls!

Baloo & Mo with Zoey at the farm where she works

So when an officer arrived at her house and demanded $1200 in fines for the complaints, she could only tell him she did not have the money. He repeatedly demanded the payment from her and she told him honestly, over and over, "I don't have the money."

The next morning, 6 police cars arrived at her house including a SWAT team prepared with shields, masks and guns and an animal control van. They presented her with a warrant to search the property and moved inside to search the house. As about 15 armed men in full riot gear filled the living room, each of her 5 pit bulls barely lifted their heads from the couch, where they were enjoying a mid-morning nap. As the officers approached them, the dogs offered kisses to their out-stretched hands and then went back to sleep. The officer agreed to drop all the charges and release her from paying any fines. Then she requested that they stop bothering her and her dogs:)

Zoey having a sleepover with Angel, Bonnie, Mo, Baloo and Droe.

Luckily, it all ended well, but I really feel for her living next to someone like that! Obviously, her neighbor has never even tried to meet one of her dogs. And from what I understand, the neighbor owns a small dog. Yes, one of those who has a lot to say about nothing. But I love how unfazed her dogs were in that situation, she must have been such a proud dog-momma:)

Zoey finally found some cool dogs she can hang with:)

Saturday, December 1, 2012


While out on a hike today we ran into a very odd, but very cute pair. It was a dog, wearing a harness, leading a donkey(or mule?)! The owner followed behind them so obviously the dog knew where he was going and how to lead his donkey. It took me a few seconds just to comprehend what I was looking at. Kaya & Norman went up to say hello but I called them back to me when the dog walked towards them and started to lead the donkey down a hill:/ Sadly, I did not have my camera on me, but I found this video of a similar duo.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This was Norman's first trip to Chrissy Field.

So pretty.


Golden Gate.

Look at how little he was compared to Kaya!

My little pudgy man.