Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WHAT THE &^#$%@! MIX AM I?

Whenever someone asks me what breed my dogs are, my typical response is, "Pit-mix probably, but I really don't know because they are rescue dogs." And the truth is, they are really just mutts. A couple of awesome mutts and I wouldn't have it any other way. Though I do hope they have some bully blood in them considering what a die-hard pit bull fan I am! But really, I am just curious more than anything.

Am I related to big foot?

Am I part sorceror?

Am I mixed with walrus?

Maybe Tigger is my cousin.

So...I am super excited that I just ordered 2 Wisdom Panel DNA Tests! Both of my dogs were labeled "Pit Bull mix" at the shelter, but what the hell are they really??

Kaya looked kind of bull terrier when she was a pup.

And Norman looked like...I don't know...a ball of cute?

So here are my guesses(excluding APBT because wisdom panel does not test for it)...

Kaya: am staff, greyhound, whippet, catahoula, border collie, hound(of some sort), pointer, boxer, bull terrier

Kaya's main traits: athletic, lean, smart, agile, energetic, fast, sweet, confident, willful, impatient, determined, tolerant, ball-dog, lap-dog & cuddly

Norman: am staff, staffordshire bull terrier, lab, american bulldog, boxer, dalmation, pointer

Norman's main traits: sweet, tolerant, gentle, patient, playful, uncoordinated, sensitive, submissive, not so smart, cuddly, loving

I've always thought Kaya was a pit-greyhound mix and Norman was a pit-lab mix so we'll see! It seems like there is always one completely random breed thrown in. For example, Motlie looks like a total pit bull, only leaner. Her mix ended up being 50% am-staff(duh) and 25% gordon setter(wtf?!) But when I read the traits of each breed, they really matched up with her.

What are your guesses? Also, has anyone else tested their dogs...what were the results?

Even though I am curious about their breed, I think they're perfect no matter what:)

Check out Kaya's results and Norman's results!


  1. I'm so excited to see the results! I would guess they both have boxer in them too. I am very excited to see. I know we "hope" our dogs have bully in them but who knows. Hades looks like a pit/shar pei to me though people have guessed bulldog. Braylon was supposedly a pure bred little staffie used for breeding but you know how backyard breeders are.
    That last pic totally looks like you caught them in the act of something personal. HA!

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Norman was half American Bulldog - his eyes totally look AmBull-like. And Kaya totally looks like a Bull Terrier to me! We tested Polly Pocket and it was so interesting! Can't wait to find out what Norman and Kaya are!

  3. GOrdon Setter? Never would have guessed that

    Stop on by for a visit

    1. Right?! We like to joke about it whenever Motlie is acting up and getting too excited we'll say, "Control your Gordon Setter" or "That Gordon Setter is so naughty."

  4. I wrote a post a few years ago on whether or not the pitbull is a dog breed. As we all know, it's not.

    I talked with a representative from the United Kennel Club, and he said the American pit bull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier are the same breeds - just different names. One is the name used by the UKC and one is the name used by the AKC. So some people register their dogs with both clubs.

    Both clubs recognize the smaller Staffordshire bull terrier.

    I just call them all pitbulls.

    1. Exactly. And truly most "pit bulls" are mutts because the amstaff gene is dominant in physical appearance and so so many mutts end up looking pittie! Personally I think this is awesome cos they are so dang cute, but unfortunately it gets them in trouble in many places:(

      I've never heard though that amstaff & apbt are the same breed, interesting!

  5. I took the wisdom panel as well, I have a tiny peanut name Isis who is an "Amstaff". Her results came back for one side of her parents as gordon setter/Amstaff and the other parents as Amstaff/Parson russel terrier. Her characteristics seem to match all three including the hunting part. Hope this helped