Monday, March 18, 2013


I rarely find stuff I like at fancy pet stores, especially stuff that is not even for my dogs. But I recently found a couple items I couldn't pass up while checking out a local store. Not surprisingly, they did not have any stuff specifically for pittie fanatics, but they did have the next best thing...mutts(aren't most pit bulls mutts anyways?)! Along with pit bulls, I've always had a soft spot for those silly mutts. Except maybe those designer mutts. Not anything against the dogs, but their owners can be creepy. Thinking they're genius for spending 5 grand on the "perfect dog" because it's "the best of both worlds." Hello!?! Ok...sorry, ran off on a tangent there. But I really do love my pit-mutts, so these are my new goodies...

t-shirt (tiny cat sold separately)

magnet - doesn't this mutt resemble a pit bull??

magnet w/ a couple of my favorite cards:)

Anyone else find things you couldn't live without at a fancy pet store...especially something that is not actually for your dog?!

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