Thursday, June 28, 2012


Marty is nearly a year old now and he has turn into a true adventurer, a funny guy with a a mind of his own and a fierce independent streak. My ideas of having a cuddly lap cat faded long ago, so recently I thought it would be a good idea to add a new kitty to the house. So I took a consensus. All those in favor say...



"Hell no!"

"Did you hear me lady?!"

So, go figure, my 2 pit bulls were happy as can be to have a new kitty in the house and Marty wanted her little head on a stick. But he lost the vote so Gina came to stay. She was just 5 weeks old, probably shouldn't have left her mother yet but the owner wanted the kittens gone. So, I picked the runt of the litter, figuring she would grow up to be healthy and strong being raised by a couple of loving pitties and one angry cat.

When I first got her home she let out soft hisses to the dogs, letting them know she was a bit overwhelmed. But I was actually relieved because Marty's first instinct as a young kitten was to cling to Kaya...her new mommy. So Gina clung onto me and followed me around whenever I put her down. I sent the dogs outside for a while so she could get her bearings. The next thing you know it looked like this...

I have taught the dogs to stay out of the bathroom so when Gina goes in to eat, drink or otherwise Norman has to observe like this...

And Kaya has a new cuddle partner.

But so do I!

And Marty will just have to get used to her:)

Monday, June 25, 2012


I was trying to think of ways to make Kaya's birthday special but really it was a lot like most days which is pretty great.

The morning started with lots of cuddling & time lying around in bed(a Kaya favorite).

Don't make me get up yet.

Good Morning.

Come on, Kaya!



No...not yet.

Then I had to torture them for the sake of taking cute festive photos to send the grand-dog-parents.

My favorite.

Next we went on a walk around the neighborhood. Actually, Kaya finds this pretty boring so it was mostly for Marty's benefit.

So then it was nap time.

After that we headed to Pt. Isabel...Kaya's favorite place! My brother met up with us first and gave Kaya a new frisbee and some bully sticks for later. They were quick to rip apart the frisbee but oh well.

Just one more?

And the big treat at the end of the day was steaks all around...medium rare! I think Marty was in ecstasy.

Kaya was not even ready to get up.

We're ready now.


Lady...I'm gonna need more of that good stuff. Now.

Then they switched bowls to make sure there was nothing leftover.

Where's the rest?

And Bully sticks for desert! And Marty is still waiting for more steak..

 And someone got very tired.

Good night!