Monday, April 2, 2012


I went to a doggie event yesterday and met lots of really nice pooches but one thing stuck out in my mind that made my dogs seem different...they are way more licky than these other dogs, even the puppies. My dogs will never pass up an opportunity to drown someone's face in kisses. Then I ramdomly came across an article today about why dogs lick. The one line stuck out to me:

"Dogs also enjoy licking because the act releases endorphins that allow the dog to feel pleasure and a sense of security and comfort."

In that case, I must have come REALLY happy dogs.

One of Kaya's tricks is actually "kiss kitty" where she will kiss the cat on command.

Norman likes to kiss him too but not on demand as of yet:)

Kaya is my power licker (I like to wake her from a dead sleep,...saying "give kiss," she never denies me.) And it doesn't get any better than a kiss from Norman...I can be in the middle of just about anything and if he comes over and looks at me...I cannot turn down his offer.

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