Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Kaya's first day home.

After leaving the Bay Area and spending 6 years on London and then another year in Tahoe (where I was caring for my parent's German Shepherd), I was finally ready to get my own dog again. As soon as I moved back down to the Bay Area I knew it was time. I spent a couple weeks apartment hunting, making sure pets, specifically pit bulls (I already had my mind made up that this was the breed I was getting) were allowed. This proved to be very difficult...many places we no pets allowed, some were cats only or maybe dogs under 25lbs. I finally saw a decent place where the landlord actually had a huge oh-so-mellow and friendly pit bull of his own. However, he said the owner really just made an exception for him since he was a friend. In addition to the dog issue, it is really difficult to find a decent affordable place in the Oakland area that is not in a sketchy neighborhood.

When I finally found my place I knew it was perfect...there was even a small private yard attached and it was in a nice neighborhood. And it was only kind-of out of my price range...I had to compromise somewhere! But the landlord was so nice. I told him I was planning on rescuing a pit bull and he said, "Oh great, the previous tenant had a pit bull, great dog." Doesn't get much better than that!

I started my hunt for Kaya even before I moved in. I wanted an adult dog, but couldn't resist her adorable photos online and I was excited about raising her myself.

Kaya (then Daisy) was a 3 month old pit mix from San Francisco Animal Care and Control. She was brought in with her litter-mates by a nice lady who found some guy trying to sell them in a Target parking lot. I found the story and these cute photos that her rescuer posted on Facebook!

When I met her in person, she was too cute for words...covering me in kisses. She was such a happy and playful pup. I had to come back the next day with all the right paperwork and was terrified that someone would snatch her up in-between! Luckily, all was well and she was mine:) I put her on the passenger seat of my car and by the time I was in my seat she was on my lap and placed her head on my shoulder and didn't budge. Though about 5 minutes later and a mile or so down the road, she shifted to the other seat and proceeded to throw up the whole way home...oops (guess she wasn't used to the car).

When I brought her home I had nothing in my place but a pile of clothes and an airbed, but it was perfect!

Kaya turned out to be a world-class cuddler, always a lap dog even though she is now 60lbs. I'll always remember her adorably puppy days. For the first few months she slept all night with her head resting on my neck...it was never a cold night! Well...it still isn't even though this is no longer a move of hers. But she is usually under the covers...right next to me.

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  1. This was fun to look back and see! The AC comments about higher risk restrictions apply bothers me! What a beautiful girl you have, I am not surprised to see she was an amazingly cute puppy.

    1. Ya...it's ridiculous. It's funny in her really young puppy pictures she looks like a total pit bull(which is probably why some a-hole was trying to sell them in a parking lot and make some $$) but by the time I got her she looks like she could be mixed with bull terrier or something. Now she is just a mixed bag!

  2. Good God she was to die for as a puppy...and still is!

    1. Thanks! I must admit, when she got a bit older I had "what the hell was I thinking" running through my head on many occasions. I just had to look back at her puppy photos to remember:)