Friday, June 8, 2012


We just had what was almost definitely our last sprinkle of rain until Fall (for some reason it does not rain in the SF Bay Area from June through September), so I decided to post some pics I took of the pups on a rainy day in March.

We cuddle in bed.

And don't get up.

Then we cuddle on the couch.

And don't get up.

Then I stare out the window.

And we watch TV.

I ask why you're on the computer so much.

"Let's play."

So we wrestle in bed.

And then get caught.

While somebody sleeps.

I stare out the window some more.

"Why can't I go out there?"

"Oh, please."

"Can I come back in now?"

"Oh, please."

Then we cuddle again.

And watch more TV.

And ask why you're taking all these pictures of me.


And then it is night-time.

I hang out with the cat.

And we wait 'til tomorrow.

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