Thursday, June 28, 2012


Marty is nearly a year old now and he has turn into a true adventurer, a funny guy with a a mind of his own and a fierce independent streak. My ideas of having a cuddly lap cat faded long ago, so recently I thought it would be a good idea to add a new kitty to the house. So I took a consensus. All those in favor say...



"Hell no!"

"Did you hear me lady?!"

So, go figure, my 2 pit bulls were happy as can be to have a new kitty in the house and Marty wanted her little head on a stick. But he lost the vote so Gina came to stay. She was just 5 weeks old, probably shouldn't have left her mother yet but the owner wanted the kittens gone. So, I picked the runt of the litter, figuring she would grow up to be healthy and strong being raised by a couple of loving pitties and one angry cat.

When I first got her home she let out soft hisses to the dogs, letting them know she was a bit overwhelmed. But I was actually relieved because Marty's first instinct as a young kitten was to cling to Kaya...her new mommy. So Gina clung onto me and followed me around whenever I put her down. I sent the dogs outside for a while so she could get her bearings. The next thing you know it looked like this...

I have taught the dogs to stay out of the bathroom so when Gina goes in to eat, drink or otherwise Norman has to observe like this...

And Kaya has a new cuddle partner.

But so do I!

And Marty will just have to get used to her:)


  1. Congrats on your new addition! So jealous of your harmonious house.

  2. Your pups are awesome! They really are cat lovers!