Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I knew there was a good possibility that Shaka would be on her way to her new life the next day so I decided to take the dogs to Pt. Isabel for what could be their last time as a trio.

And here's what happened...

Kaya & Norman went swimming.
And Norman made some new friends.
Who had a very cool toy.

And they were nice enough to share.

While Shaka watched from the rocks (she already took a quick dip.)

And Norman kept on swimming (Kaya did too.)

So Shaka waited patiently.

For Norman to finish with the toy.

And then it was time for this.

And that.

While Shaka posed for pictures.

And then she got bored.

And went to get her friends.

And then she ran in the grass.

And came to say hello.

And she posed for more photos.

And asked her friends to join her.

But then they all got bored.

And stared at the view instead.

And so it was time to go.

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