Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The day after her discouraging meeting with the fireman, I took Shaka to Pit Ed with BAD RAP and she was noticeably more sullen and withdrawn during this class. She made little to no eye contact with me throughout the class and was overly concerned with everyone and everything around her. She had trouble with commands she could do in her sleep(even sit) and got worse as the hour progressed. I could only assume that she was still phased from her encounter the day before.

I can do it in mah sleep!

After class, I had a missed call from my landlord and knew it was time to have the dreaded conversation. I told him I was finding a home for Shaka, but would have to keep my 2 dogs. I said if it came down to getting rid of 1 of them, I would have to move out instead. He agreed to let us stay and was actually pretty friendly about it!

We're staying put.

Later that day, I was hopeful that Shaka would benefit from a long hike with my dogs, my brother and his new pup. But she was even sulky on the hike and not her usual goofy-self when out on the trail with her friends. What if every new home prospect resulted like this?

Luckily for us, we had our first Tahoe trip of the summer planned for the next day. The timing could not have been better. It would give us several days to unwind, enjoy lots of hiking, playing and swimming. Plus, it would give me some time away from the apartment stress to continue the search for Shaka's new home and make some important decisions about her future.

After a couple days to think things over, it was not hard to decide not to follow up on the fireman and he actually never called me which was a huge relief. I decided to call back the woman with the kitties and horses. She sounded super friendly, out-going and excited in our initial conversation. She was eager to learn all about Shaka even though I told her up front that someone else was already interested in her. It had been almost a week and I hoped she had not found another dog yet! So I called her and she was still really interested in meeting her! We agreed to meet the following week at her horse barn!


  1. So glad to hear about your landlord! Don't worry too much about her spirits; she is probably a little mopey because she senses change is in the air but she will warm up to the right adopter once you find that person.

    What I want to know is, How are you managing to get so many inquiries in the first place? When I foster a pittie it generally takes a while to get any interest :)

    1. I agree about her mood:)

      I just put an ad on Craigslist which means you get a lot of readers, but have to weed out a few weirdos:/ I pretty much wrote a small novel about her and tried to put in everything I would want to know when dog-shopping. Plus tons of cute photos.

      Aside form that, she really has zero hang-ups. She is very low-key, gets along great with all animals and is a piece of cake to walk on or off leash. I tried to show the upside of her small issues. Like I said she is shy with strangers, but that means she will not climb all over your guests. And I said once she gets over her separation anxiety, she is going to be a very easy house dog.

      One other thing, I am not sure where you live, but in the SF bay area there are tons of people looking for dogs period and there is a lot of positivity & knowledge about pit bulls here.

  2. Yay about being able to keep both Kaya and Norman! Keeping my fingers crossed that this woman is the one for Shaka.

  3. I can't wait to hear what happens. Good luck little Honeybee! :)
    And you are SO lucky that people are so positive and knowledgeable about pit bulls where you live. It's so hit and miss here, in Phoenix you have the awesome people who totally get it, but you also have backyard breeders, dog fighting, and "guard dogs" galore so there are huge barriers in the way of people really understanding.

    1. Ugh, there's not much I hate more than seeing a Pit Bull on a chain, with cropped ears or stuck in their yard their whole lives. I am almost positive this is what Shaka's previous people wanted her to do. I can't even picture it, she is such a mushy couch potato!

  4. It must have been such a relief to hear that from your landlord! Good luck with the meeting!