Thursday, July 11, 2013


Kaya and Norman have never shown a fear of fireworks noises and they have been going off regularly for the whole month prior to the 4th. So when I found out there would be a display at our favorite park, I couldn't resist bringing them along.

It was a bit surreal when they blocked off the roads that we are so used to driving on and instead they were filled with people. For some reason, it reminded me of The Walking Dead. The park is at the Berkeley Marina which is a peninsula and everyone was gathering on one side for viewing where there was also music, food and carnival rides but the off leash dog park is on the other side so of course we headed over there since I had at least an hour to let them play before the fireworks.

Kaya, of course, chased a million tennis balls. Well, she chased her tennis ball a million times and Norman found some new friends to play with. One of them was a super cute Kaya look-alike and the other one was a buff tan pittie who was a ball fiend like Kaya.

As we walked around the park, I realized that there were people gathering on the hill so we decided to stay on this side to watch the fireworks instead of going to other crazier side. We grabbed a spot on the hill and while we were waiting we could see the fireworks on the San Francisco side across the water which was cool. Kaya and Norman got in the spirit and put on their glow necklaces.

As soon as the fireworks started on our side, I realized I had very little to worry about with the dogs being bothered by the fireworks. Kaya passed out with her head on my legs and Norman passed the time by playing with the ball, sitting on our laps getting his butt scratched and giving us kisses. He even watched a little bit of the display. After it was over, Kaya was happy to chase her ball again back across the park.

The walk back to the car was pretty entertaining. Some people set up a large drum circle in the middle of the blocked off road and there were tons of people weirdly dancing to it. It was quite the range from little kids(one was an amazing break-dancer!) to washed-up hippies flailing their arms around to bootie-shakin' ladies and some awkward college guys sort of club dancing. We watched for a few minutes and we had our fill.

Overall, I think the event was a bit of a let down for the dogs. After having gone to SF Pride a few days earlier where they were spoiled with so much attention, this time they only had a couple people come up to pet them. Norman was certainly miffed and confused. Though Kaya had one guy memorized by her knack for catching tennis balls in the air. But at least I know they don't mind fireworks!

Norman wants to know where the love is :-(

What did you do to celebrate? How did your dogs handle the fireworks?

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  1. We sat in the backyard! One of our neighbors was setting off the illegal fireworks and they came up right over our yard! it was perfect! Edi didn't seem time mind the fireworks much, but they did seem to stress Tess out a bit -- but really, what doesn't?!

  2. Oh it looks like they had so much fun! Our pups stayed indoors because they were too freaked out by the fireworks. We hung out and played boardgames (and drank)... good times were had by all!

    Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

    1. Ooo, you can never go wrong with staying in;D

  3. Looks like a great time, especially enjoyed your amusing description of the drum circle. Your dogs are very calm creatures--mine were nervous with the fireworks, although we were out in the country and just setting off a few of our own :)

  4. It sounds like they still had a great time because they got to go to the dog park. And, what awesome collars they had!

  5. What fun! My pups don't mind fireworks

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Those two! So even tempered.

    This year, Silas learned to bark at the fireworks. We are, in his defense, very close to the main city fireworks, but they hadn't bothered him until this year.

    1. Sorry, but I wouldn't mind one bit watching a chorus of Silas and the fireworks:D

  7. None of the pack mind noises like fireworks, for which I am very thankful. I am sure if one was nervous, that would spread quickly.

    Well, even though there wasn't much fussing for Norman and Kaya, we hope you had fun.

  8. Glad Norman and Kaya didn't mind the fireworks. Sorry it was a let down for the dogs, poor Norman does look a little bummed. :)