Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's been a bit of a whirlwind since Shaka arrived. I am completely in awe and in love with her solid temperament and loving way with my pets. I am very tempted to keep her!

Our first morning.

Sorry for the slightly pornographic photo but Shaka's face is so cute!

I spy a kitten on the right!


My neighborhood is a bit of a gauntlet on weekends and evenings when everyone comes out of the woodworks with their dogs who I can only assume have been sitting in the house for hours on end. I took the 3 of them out to get a feel for her reaction to unruly dogs...at their worst so to speak. Test #1: Barking & growling dog behind fence 20" away. Shaka says "who cares." Test #2: Walk her right next to open iron fence where the dog run as fast as he can downhill to lunge and bark at us. Shaka decides to merely move to the other side of me. Test #3: Walk past on the same sidewalk as a huge black lab and tiny dog both barking and jumping at us at the end of their leashes. Shaka says "whatever dudes." Neighborhood test completed and so we moved on to hiking. I kept her on leash for the first couple days, she paid no attention to my 2 crazies zooming past her and bumping her as they passed over and over. She happily jogged at my side. Then I let her off leash and there she stayed, happily jogging at my side, only stopping to sniff things here and there and visit with Kaya & Norman. If she got too far ahead, she'd turn around and make sure you were still coming.

She passed more tests. She came when I called her. She nicely greeted all the other dogs on the hike. She completely ignored an angry Chihuahua who growled and snapped at her face. In fact the woman walked with us all the way back and marveled at how comfortable my 3 big dogs made her little scardy cat feel and by the end he was playing with them. Another dog charged her and she ran away...no interest in standing up for herself unlike another feisty female I know. Those were just the key tests. For the most part she just had fun! Usually once in every hike she would get the zoomies just for a minute, then back to her jog. She also loved to play chase with my pups...she is fast! But there is never an end goal for her...dogs stop, she stops.

In addition, I took her with Norman to get an oil change and she was totally unfazed by the loud noises and commotion there. She was happy to get pets and cookies from the people there though she is not an outgoing dog. She shows little enthusiasm towards strangers but also doesn't seem to mind the attention. I am looking forward to seeing her come out of her shell!

So for now, everything is going pretty good. She is learning very quickly and we are definitely loving her company! We'll see what the future holds;)

We look ridiculous & we don't care!

Good night:)


  1. Wow, she does seem like a keeper!

  2. She's perfect! My own kids wouldn't even pass all those tests and they are here to stay ;) Your babies cuddle in the most ridiculous ways and I LOVE it.

  3. Aaawww...too adorable! Love the pictures with the kitties, especially the hidden kitten one! I think someone is smitten and may just end up with three dogs. She sounds like a great fit to your household, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then you just gave us at least 10,000 great reasons on why she should stay. But maybe I'm biased...I have three pitties myself! Beautiful photos!