Monday, August 26, 2013


Crissy Field is my go to place to take the pups when I'm in SF. We have great waterfront parks in the East Bay but not beaches like this...

And with the Golden Gate bridge as a backdrop, it is always stunning.

It was a typical summer day in the city which means foggy and cool. I was wearing 2 hoodies but the dogs were happy to go swimming...go figure. The fog did start to burn off as we were ready to go and it was almost 7pm!

And of course Kaya and Norman met some fun dog buddies to splash around with. Here's a little video of their fun and games...

Do your pups love the beach?

A token blooper shot... ;p

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  1. Great photos... they look so happy! Boomer and Dottie have never been to a beach before but I'm sure they would love it. I'm just afraid if I let them off leash they would never come back and I wouldn't be able to catch them!

  2. Petey loves the beach! Great photos!

  3. Beautiful beach photos! Ace LOVES the beach!