Tuesday, December 10, 2013


When going over the nicknames I use for the pups, I forgot to mention a major one I have been using since they were young! As I've said a lot in the past, most of our outings are off leash so they are used to a lot of recall. Sometimes I need to call both of them at the same time. Instead of calling them individually by name, their collective name is Puppies!

They always come running with glee when I call this out.

I wonder what people might think when I call out puppies! and two 60ish pound dogs come barreling around the corner.

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  1. I think it's great, I use the same word every now and then!

  2. You have to love a great recall, no matter what the word is!

    I still call Silas "tiny puppy." Which he hasn't been for 2.5 years now, but whatever.

  3. We call ours puppies too! They're 5 & 6 and 50 pounds each now. :)