Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Another trip to the airport meant another trip to the beach with the pups! This time we arrived at sunset. I was worried that it would be too cold but it was still in the mid 50's so I put on a hoodie (I always have a spare in my car), rolled up my jeans and we were good to go!

I only wish I had to decent camera to capture the true beauty and intensity of the sunset but I got some decent pictures with my iPhone.

The crappy thing about a sunset is that it only lasts a short time and it's gone before you've had enough time to enjoy it.

But the awesome thing about about a sunset is that it only lasts a short time and so every time you bend down to take a picture, the landscape looks completely different.

And just when you think it can't get more beautiful...it does.

Even some of the blurry pictures turned out pretty cool.

I'm lucky I live on the west coast because I know the east coast has some beautiful sunrises, but I could never get up early enough to enjoy them!

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  1. What a beautiful time to go to the beach. Those pictures are gorgeous.

  2. Your iPhone did really well, these photos are awesome!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos!