Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Kaya, Norman, Gina and Zoey pretty much stick to the same trend every morning. I almost always wake up to Kaya sleeping on her back, half under the covers, propped up against me with her head on the pillow next to mine.

And she usually stays there for a while longer after I get up.

Norman likes to get up and mosey upstairs to lie in the sunlight that floods the living room. He seems to know the exact time to bother getting out of bed so that the sunlight will be in the perfect spot.

He always looks rather pleased with himself when I come over to say good morning to him. His tail starts thumbing, he stretches a lot, yawns and expresses his need for a belly rub.

But there are also mornings where he stays in bed with us no matter how sunny it is upstairs.

And sometimes he is just too lazy and cozy to even come to bed at night, so he spends the whole night on the couch and that's where I find him in the morning, in the exact same position I left him in.

Still, his tail starts thumping when I come over to say good morning, he stretches and licks me but he doesn't get up for another hour or so.

Zoey, on the other hand, has a disdain for heat so she prefers to go outside and soak in the coolness of the hard ground...away from any direct sunlight. I guess it feels as good to her as sunbathing does to Kaya and Norman.

Actually, this would be Zoey's ideal morning...

But that's not going to happen again any time soon. Sorry Zoey.

Like any good feline, Gina's routine starts around dawn. Cat experts would say that she is active during these hours because it's prime hunting time, but luckily she always comes home empty handed(mouthed?). Her morning continues from there...asking to go out, asking to come in, out again, in again about every hour. Once I do get up there is a lot of meowing, stretching, eating, exploring, purring and kneading while I'm trying to make my morning coffee and say hello to Norman.

Around this time, Kaya gets up to sunbathe as well.

The spot on the back cushions of the couch is obviously the prime location in our house. Kaya stays there 'til she is panting like crazy and then she flops to the floor, only to return to the spot again shortly after.

Not much changes here from winter to summer but on raining mornings in the winter(it does not rain here in the summer) everyone would be content to snooze away in the comfort of the bed. They usually wouldn't get up 'til I'd bribe them with breakfast. Even if I didn't feed them until the afternoon!

Do you see the Kaya-shaped lump in this picture?

Those rainy mornings are now behind us until at least November so our morning routine is here to stay. Do your pets have morning habits that they stick to?

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  1. Who can blame them? That couch spot looks SO cozy!!

    Our pooches stay in bed long after we get up - Tess is first, while Edi doesn't usually get up until Sam puts on work pants!

    1. Ya, in my next life I want to come back as a dog or cat and spend my days in that spot:)

  2. Love their routines. Boomer and Dottie are similar except they think they have to get up first thing in the morning to eat and then they will find their sunning spots!

  3. Just popped in to say your photos are lovely of your house full!
    They all look so happy.
    Heather :)

  4. Really cute pics! Del's morning routine involves staying in bed as long as possible, only getting up when his breakfast is out! He's definitely not a morning dog, which is great because I'm not a morning person either :) Loved this post x

    1. Me neither! Del & I would get along just fine:)

  5. Omg my dog is totally different. Morning dog. Up and on the move as soon as she thinks we are stirring. Has to have breakfast and go for her walk or run. Pretty mellow during the day until 5 rolls around and then it's time to play in the yard. Our cats are the same way so needless to say sleeping in usually doesn't happen in our house.