Monday, September 9, 2013


I am not a morning person. And since I work from home, even if I wake up early, I usually make some coffee and get back into bed with my laptop for a while before starting the day. Lucky for me, Kaya and Norman like to sleep in too. They are often in bed much longer than I am and sometimes they eat their breakfast and get back into bed.

On some sunny mornings, they get up and go outside just to sleep some more in the sun.

Oddly, they've both been that way since they were little 3 month old puppies. I've never crated them and they've both slept in my bed since night 1. It might sound crazy to most but hey, not only did neither of them ever have an overnight accident but they barely ever even stirred from their spot until after I got up around 9.

And they're still the same way as big pups.

And it makes me wonder why. Did I just get lucky with 2 lazy pups who love sleeping in more than getting outside first thing? Is it because I've always let them sleep in my bed and it's such a cozy comfort, their desire to go out is less? Or are they just good at mimicking my bed-loving habits. If I was an early riser and had to squeeze in morning walks before heading off to work, would they have completely different habits or would they still look at my with one eye open like I'm crazy to ask them to get up?

I guess I'll never know, but I sure do love my lazy sleepy puppies. Do your dog's sleeping habits match your own?

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  1. Koira sure loves to sleep in just like your guys, and always has since I first got her. Pallo likes to sleep in so much that he gives me a resentful look when I make him go out to potty before I leave for work, and I have to watch to make sure he doesn't just come back inside and go back to bed without actually doing anything in the yard.

  2. Boomer and Dottie are the same way! Boomer will eat his breakfast, go outside and then go back to bed. Dottie will beg to get up at a certain time to eat and go outside and then finds another spot to curl up in.

  3. Just want to say how ADORABLE all of these pics are! I love a good pic of a sleepy pup:) Del used to get up really early when he was younger, but now he's happy to sleep in with us at weekends and he sleeps pretty late during the day too- he sleeps with us too so I think the bed is just far too comfy :) Great post! x

  4. Sleepy, snoozy, snorey, cuddly pups are my favorite kind! My only question... how do you deal with dog hair in the bed? That is my least favorite thing about pet ownership :(

    1. I hear ya;) I hate sleeping with a topsheet so I just put one on top so it covers the bed but I don't sleep under it. So every couple days, I just throw it in the wash and put on a new one. Plus it never gets very cold here so I just use 1 or 2 fleece blankets and I have about 20 of them so they are easy to swap out too. Luckily Kaya & Norman don't seem to shed too much anyways, maybe it's all that coconut oil:)