Thursday, January 1, 2015


Here are the resolutions I wrote for the dogs back in 2013. Drum roll please...nothing has changed!


- chase more tennis balls

- find more swimming places

- finally find those missing snacks in Norman's mouth

- chase more tennis balls

- keep good stuff away from Norman

- steal good stuff from Norman

- chase more tennis balls

- find more stinky stuff to roll in

- get more of those smelly sticks to chew on from the snack lady

- chase more tennis balls

- refine my blanket burrowing techniques

- sleep upside-down more

- oh...and chase more tennis balls


- kiss more faces

- make more friends

- get more snacks from the snack lady

- prove to Kaya that i can be cool too

- find more stinky stuff to eat off the ground

- did I say kiss more faces?

- remind my cat how much i luv her fish breath

- kiss the snack lady more

- finally break through to China while digging at the beach

- NEVER get in the bathtub

- try not to look at the camera when snack lady tries to get my attention

- finally catch Kaya

- kiss more faces

Wish us luck!

I hope you all had a safe and happy new year!!

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