Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Between Christmas and New Years we got to spend a few days at Lake Tahoe which meant snow, cuddling family, snow, neighborhood dog friends, swimming(*gasp*) and more snow!

The first day was so sunny and nice. We had to go straight to the beach(now covered in snow)!

Their favorite activity quickly became finding the tennis ball in the snow. Kaya would toss the ball herself, just so she could dig for it again:)

And they really enjoyed checking out this snow tunnel on the dock.

There were a couple snowy days so Kaya & Norman got to wear their new coats! My sister-in-law helped me pick them out. She said they were "slimming" and since she is a NY fashionista so I believe her, though I'm not sure if Kaya & Norman are concerned about their We went on a walk and she got some cool pictures with her "real" camera:)

I don't think mile-a-minute Kaya cares about the cold or the snow, but I'm pretty sure Norman was appreciative of the added warmth.

The next day some of their neighborhood buds were out to play. They were so excited!

Ellie, Berta & Rose were up for some play time, but so much for the group photo:/

The sky looked so cool!

And there was some essential cuddling at night. The only problem was that my sister-in-law is pregnant and Norman wanted to lie right on top of her:/

Norman got to show off his cuddling skills to my brother and sister-in-law:)

Our last day was beautiful also. We went back to the beach for a final romp. Though the temps were somewhere around freezing, crazy Kaya insisted on going for a swim. She was convinced that an object floating out in the water was her ball(which was actually buried in the snow somewhere). I didn't get a picture, but she swam all the way out to the buoys:/

And of course, I made them pause for a photo shoot.

And Kaya always has to be first...

We had an interesting encounter with a family and their 2 dogs. They headed down to the beach while we were playing and the little boy said, "uh oh dad, it's a pit bull." And to my surprise the dad said, "I'm sure they would not be allowed off leash if they were aggressive. A dog is only as bad as its owner." Then he was delighted to let Norman run around and play with his little dogs, who were actually pretty darn rude, but Norman was enamored none-the-less.

I did not want to leave:( Something tells me the dogs didn't either!

Some neighborhood favorites. This tree always looks like it's about to fall...

We found a message in the snow.

Which gave me the inspiration for their new year's message.

Hopefully we'll be back sooner than later:) Have you been enjoying the snow this year?

No...let's stay:(


  1. I love those snow tunnel pictures.

  2. Your photos make me wish we had a place for Badger and Mushroom to romp around in the snow. I can't believe Kaya wasn't cold after swimming!

    1. Haha...I think adrenaline cancels out all other physical feelings:)

  3. Beautiful! Love all the snow...we haven't gotten hardly any! So strange for Erie!

  4. Those are some stunning pictures you got! They sure got a lot of snow. Sounds like a perfect visit--wow.

  5. Nola loves the snow, but I don't think she would ever go swimming when it was that cold! Kaya is crazy! Looooove their jackets! :)

  6. Wonderful pictures! It looks like you guys enjoyed your snow adventure. That is a wonderful story about an incredible father. I'm so glad Kaya and Norman were there to help that Dad teach his son never to judge a book by its cover.

  7. I'm so glad the father said what he did to his little one... that's so cool!

    You have some great photos from your trip and some awesome memories too! Thank you for sharing them!

  8. That's a whole heck of a lot of snow, our pack would love that!! A few of the pack think that Kaya has the right idea, it's never too cold to swim.

    Looks like a really fun time was had by all.

  9. Looks to me like fun was had by all!

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Look at those doggie snow plows! Frickin' cute! Hades has only had the pleasure of stepping in snow for a few minutes and Braylon never! We intended to take them somewhere up north but it has yet to happen this winter. I hope we get the chance! I actually don't picture them loving it, but I think we'd have fun with them!

  11. Maybe you'd be surprised! I wouldn't think my short-haired pups would like it so much, even the cold-hating Norman thinks it's a blast!

  12. I would not want to leave either! Even with all that cold, fluffy stuff around :)


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