Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This year was the most relaxing and enjoyable Christmas I've had in a long time! My parents flew in from back East so it was just them, me, the dogs and the cat. We made the most of the beautiful weather and our first Christmas at the new house.

A couple nights before Christmas, we went to some shops where they had lots of really cool lights set up. Norman thought the book store was boring(until the shop owner gave him a belly rub) and the toy store was fun. Can't say I blame him.

The next day Norman and I helped my dad make a last minute trip to the Apple Store to buy my mom an iPad Mini. Norman charmed the employees and customers while we waited.

Unfortunately for me, they do not take good looks and kisses in exchange for iPads.

On Christmas Eve we went to Sushi for lunch and sat outside so Norman got to join us.

Kaya lacks the patience for errands but she had plenty of fun doing her adrenaline junkie activities. We went to the park several times and hiking too!

Christmas morning was a blast. While we opened presents, Kaya and Norman got to enjoy their Christmas squeaky stuffies.

Kaya was really into hers.

Norman...not so much.

So Kaya took both toys.

And then of course Norman decided he wanted to play after all.

Gina got some Christmas cat toys too but she was too excited about all the tissue and wrapping paper to give them a second glance.

My mom got me this shirt. I think she is finally starting to understand me!

Later we all went to Pt. Isabel. It turned out that we were not the only ones with that idea, it was packed!

65 degrees on Christmas...Kaya was beside herself because she got to go swimming!

And Norman made some buddies as always.

There was an awesome sunset as we were ready to leave.

After dinner all the dogs got these yummy meaty beef bones as a Christmas treat!

On the Friday after Christmas, we left for Southern California for a week and I got to bring Norman! Here he is curled up next to me on our fancy hotel couch while I type this up. I'm sure we'll have a lot of stories to share from our trip!

Did you have a good Christmas?

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time and those pictures are wonderful. I love Norman's little face :)

  2. What a great holiday you had! I love the pics and wonder, what is on Kaya's ankles?

    1. When she plays fetch, she cuts her upper pads so I wrap her ankles in vet wrap to protect them. It's hard to tell from the pictures because after an hour or so they get really dirty and start to slide down.

  3. If I worked at the Apple store I would give Norman an iPad. JUST TOO ADORABLE! Wonderful pictures!

  4. What a great Christmas!