Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Once again, I have forgotten to post on Kaya's gotcha day which was August 28th.

I can't believe it's been 2 years already. Some things have changed so much. My once defiant little runaway now makes a speedy gonzales beeline for me at the slightest request. My little jumping bean will fly into a down faster than any dog I have ever seen. Once a major toy thief at the dog park is now solely interested in her own ball and she'll drop it at my feet for as many times as I will throw it. And for dog who used drag me down the street, I now walk almost everywhere without even using a leash, while she sticks by my side.

Of course a lot of things have stayed just the same. I wake up most mornings with her face smooshed next to mine. She is ever adoring of her bff, Norman, and her kitty too.

She still loves a good frog dog pose and every day she makes me laugh.

My little cutie is all grown up but she's still a goof and she's still all sweet and sappy. She still loves a good day in the sun and night under the covers and giving too many kisses.

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  1. Happy belated Gotcha-Day Kaya! The pictures are adorable. The one where she's hanging in the window really made me laugh :) She seems like such a perfect doggie!

    1. My favorite thing about the window picture is that the door is wide open and she came in through the window anyways:)

  2. Happy (late) Gotcha Day, Kaya!! Such cute pictures! You're so lucky to have well-documented your pooches! Tess's first 2 years of life are totally undocumented (she was a stray), and the following two years I have a handful of (terrible quality) photos. One of the things I love about blogging about the pooches is that it forces me to take some photos!

    Agreed, that window picture is the cutest!!

    1. Unfortunately all of my puppy pictures were taken before I got my iphone so they're not that great and not as many but better than nothing! One of the major reasons I started the blog was to look back on our memories when they are older, it's awesome!

  3. It's a little late but Happy Gotcha Day sweet girl!

  4. Wow, what amazing progress you've made with her! It is wonderful to hear such a great, positive story about a little cutie pittie.