Monday, October 29, 2012


With all of our busy summer activities, I forgot to post on Kaya's 1-year anniversary from when I adopted her, which fell on August 28th!

From a Target parking lot to the shelter to me!

Here is what I have to say to her after making it a whole year together:

There were times I wanted to kill you and times I wanted to cuddle you. There were times when I couldn't get you to eat and I couldn't get you to come and I couldn't get you to stop pulling on the leash, but every night you kept me warm and every day you made me laugh. You were so much more than I bargained for, but now that I know you I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so proud that you are my dog. I can picture you being 15 years old and still having a zest for life. I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. My Pretty Little Baby.

A few things I learned about Kaya so far:

Kaya loves cats.

Kaya loves to sunbathe.

Kaya loves her ball.

Kaya loves to cuddle.

Kaya loves to swim.

Kaya loves her brother, Norman.

And we love her.
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  1. I love Kaya too! She's SOOOOOO cute and reminds me of Athena =)

    I love the picture of her as a puppy falling into the window. So stinkin' adorable!

  2. WHAT Targets selling puppies now! Is that a new west coast thing? Are we going to have to boycott Target now. That's gonna be really hard for me. haha I'm totally kidding. I couldnt resist that one :) On a more serious note Happy Gotcha Day Kaya!!! She was an adorable puppy and of course a beautiful teenager now! I love the second picture on the swimming section. That's got to be the most gorgeous picture I've seen!

    1. Ya, Target was having a sale on pit mix puppies so they bought all 4! No really, some guy was trying to sell them and a couple told him he couldn't sell the puppies on the street like that so he gave the whole litter to them to take to the shelter. I wonder where her siblings are now!

  3. I love looking at everyone's puppy pictures. They say puppies are so cute so that you don't throttle them while they're growing up. Well, maybe "they" don't say that but I've had to keep reminding myself these past 10 months.
    I just love the cuddle pictures. Pit Bulls are the cuddliest. things. EVAH!

  4. Aww love the cart of puppies

    Stop on by for a visit

  5. GAH! My favorite pic of Kaya's head above water and the close up swimming. SO many good pics! And she was the cutest puppy in that shopping cart. :) She sunbathes just like Hades in that pic where she has the pink collar on. Aww. CUTECUTECUTE! One year, I know how awesome that feels looking back on the time!

    1. So much happens in the first year! I agree she was the cutest puppy! I only met her sister(the dark brindle one) and she was much more hyper and jumpy than Kaya, I can't imagine how she grew up to be because Kaya is a high energy dog!

  6. Kaya seems like she loves everything. Happy 1-year anniversary!