Monday, September 30, 2013


While Zoey's here, we've got a 4 pet household. In the house, Zoey has to be separated from Gina. Outside, Gina knows to steer clear of the backyard when Zoey is out there. So when I bring Zoey in at night (she prefers to be outside as much as possible) I have to think about their arrangement. Luckily our new house has a door to the kitchen that can be shut so as long as you also close the door to the front bedroom, the front part of the house can be shut off from the back part and downstairs.

So since Zoey prefers peace and quiet at night, she hangs out downstairs and Gina hangs out upstairs in the living room area where I usually am. Even if she is outside before I bring Zoey in, she only has access through the windows to the front rooms so she will be safe when she comes in.

So that leaves Kaya and Norman. Luckily, they are in 2 minds about their evening activities so it works out perfectly! Kaya likes to sleep on my bed in the evening so she keeps Zoey company, who always lies on the floor next to my bed. Zoey likes both Kaya and Norman but Kaya is her favorite because they play fetch together, so it's fitting that Kaya is her evening partner.

And Norman is a nighttime couch potato so he likes to be upstairs with Gina and I.

This is perfect for Gina because though she likes both dogs, Norman is her true love. I often leave the room with both of them sleeping away next to each other and return to find Gina a purring mess, draped over Norman, nursing at his lips and kneading the side of his face (while he continues to sleep soundly). Yes, the nursing and kneading drives me nuts so I make her stop but she continues to purr away which is very cute.

So that's our nightly routine and it works out pretty well so that no one is lonely. When it's finally time for bed, Zoey has to go to my parents room because Gina will meow her little head off if I leave her in the living room but she will also meow her little head off if I keep her in or out of my room so basically she needs the whole house at night. Someone is spoiled! Luckily Zoey doesn't mind and I think she gets annoyed when I stay up late on my laptop anyways.

Does anyone else with multiple pets find there are pairs who favor each other for some reason? Of course the closest pair out of the 4 is always Kaya and Norman but this evening routine seems to suit them just fine.

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  1. AHH! Your guys are so cute! I can't barely stand it! We only have the two usually, but we've been watching Sam's parent's dog for the past month. He and Ed have grown to be fast buddies and spend all their time together -- which suits Tess just fine!

  2. I just love the pics of Norman and Gina. Ray and Julius are a pretty tight pair and they have different levels of peace with our three kitties.

    1. That's so awesome that Julius & Ray ended up being so close! At least they have peace with the cats, if Zoey was to mix with Gina, she would be bye-bye:( It's very scary!

  3. They are so cute! When we had our other cat, there were different dynamics. Now our two kitties stick together and stay away from the squealer :-)

    1. Poor Cocco, at least he has his people and pig friends:)

  4. Neither of my dogs are big cuddlers so it's so cute to see yours!