Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I recently came across this collection of photos I took on Norman's first night with us. I think I have been hesitant in the past to post them because of the horrible quality, but on second thought, they are too cute not to share!

1st picture I ever took of him!

When I went to meet Norman for the first time it was evening by the time I got there. I think I dilly-dallied all day because in the back of my mind, I was trying to give myself a chance to back out. I knew it was a crazy move to bring another puppy into the mix when Kaya was already such a handful and I only lived in a tiny studio. The logical part of my brain was telling me I was being impulsive and insane, but the wishful part of my brain was telling me this could be the best thing for us. Luckily, dreams ruled over logic and I showed up to meet my little dreamboat. It was love at first sight for both me and Kaya.

The two of them played and played and played until I plonked them in the back of the Jeep and they slept next to each other all the way home. As I drove, I tried to prepare myself mentally for the idea of having another puppy in the house and the mayhem that may ensue. But it never came. Norman was easy as can be from the get go. While when she was his age, Kaya took a couple weeks of training not to be mouthy, Norman never once even tried. He was just all kisses and cuddles.

It was like having an older dog in the house with all the adorable cuteness of a puppy. He didn't try to get into any mischief and he didn't have any accidents in the house. He adored and admired Kaya's every move. I think I expected them to be non-stop wrestling but instead they did stuff like this...

He met the cat. Marty was already a dog fan and Norman was happy to meet another species. Even when he saw Marty dart back and forth across the yard in the dark, instead of wanting to chase and play, he stood there wagging his tail and gave Marty a kiss when he ran over.

And for some reason, his left ear stood up for those first couple weeks. It was too much!

That rogue ear...

I braced myself that first morning for a burst of puppy energy and activity, but all I saw was little cuddle monster, ready for another hour or so in bed:)

Puppy did your first night go?

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  1. What a little peanut! Glad you decided to post those pictures!! We've not had a puppy, but I'm sure this is a one in a million experience!

  2. Aw.... how cute was puppy Norman!!!!!

    We had a rough first night with Boomer... he was a howler. Dottie was also tough because she screamed like a banshee when we started kennel training her at night.

  3. Oh, he is just so adorable. Our first night with Ray was good. He was mellow and sleepy and he was always ok being in his crate to sleep. It was when he was awake that he was crazy jumpy bitey shark mouth puppy.

  4. Sooo sweet! Incredible that he was so easy, even as a puppy. The young puppies I've had in recent memory have been little troublemakers, eating shoes, furniture, and passports. There was one who was easy, but he was the exception--and was adopted in 3 days!

  5. He's such a great dog! Kaya is a good girl too, and they're two personalities balance the household perfectly. So glad everything worked out well. I love that ear! Haha.

  6. Adorable pictures! When I brought Petey home from Animal Control he 1) nearly fainted upon entering the elevator 2) bounced (literally) off all the walls of my apt. 3) then peed on the rug. However he did creep over and slept at the side of my bed that night. And then I invited him in the bed. He was so happy to see me when he woke up!

  7. PUPPY!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. Oh my gosh, amazing pictures! Love them all together.