Tuesday, November 5, 2013


A few Sundays ago we had the most amazing time at Fort Funston in San Francisco. Our only previous trip to this beach ended quickly with the wind blowing so much sand in our eyes, we could barely see. We never even made it down to the beach! This time the weather was perfect, wind-free, fog-free and sunny in the upper 70's...a huge rarity for the Northern California coastline. The entire park is more than 50 acres which includes the beach and miles and miles of hiking trails up above. We stuck to the beach this time and after several hours of walking along the water, we had probably not even covered half of it. Here are some highlights of our visit...

the descent

kaya in action 

norman inaction

horses, dogs & crabs!

kaya & norman


the ascent

Do your dogs love the beach?

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  1. What beautiful beach shots. Cocco wouldn't know what to do at a beach!

  2. GAH! Your photos are always SO amazing! Our dogs have been to the beach, and they don't mind it...as long as we don't go anywhere NEAR the water -- they both hate it! Tess is terrified and I think it has rubbed off on Edison. If we could get him with a dog that likes water, I think he'd go in and even enjoy himself!

    1. Thanks, I had such a hard time narrowing them down for the post. I have at least a hundred more to make their way onto the blog:)

      Kaya & Norman were a bit scared of the waves when they puppies but now they don't care. Kaya loves to fetch her ball in the water so I have to make sure it's safe. She's a little daredevil!

  3. These photos are stunning!!!

  4. Awesome photos, they look like they had a great time!

  5. So, so pretty! It seems like you have a lot of options for off-leash hikes in your area. I LOVE seeing the photos of your dogs.

    1. Ya, we're pretty lucky. We have beaches, parks, lakes and hiking trails so we're pretty much covered!