Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We are having a truly bizarre winter this year with temps 10 to 20 degrees above average and no rain in sight. We took advantage of that this weekend and headed to the beach! My mom actually delayed her flight back to Maryland from Saturday to Sunday just to join us for one of the beach outings.

An added bonus to my mom coming is that Zoey got to come too! Since Zoey has occasional dog aggression she really needs one person devoted to keeping their eye on her so I can never bring her somewhere like the beach on my own. She had SO much fun. You would never believe she is 10 years old. She ran and ran and played and splashed around in the water. And the vet said she should barely be able to walk based on her x-rays!

Zoey loves to crouch down and then jump up to join Kaya & Norman when they get closer:)

Though Kaya and Norman always love the beach, this outing was particularly awesome for them because Kaya injured her upper pad last week so life has been pretty boring for them ever since. I've taken Norman on a few solo outings but for the most part he's been on Kaya's lamo exercise schedule and he was ready to run! Plus, there's something about the beach that always gets him running. Even as we were heading out he had to get in some more last minute zoomies.

I normally play fetch with Kaya at the beach but in effort to keep her from re-injuring her pad, I left her ball and chuck-it in the car. In hindsight, I should have let her at least run around with her ball in her mouth because she kept running up to people with chuck-its and leaping up and down in front of them. Norman was pleased though because he was able to distract enough from her ball obsession to keep her running and playing with him most of the time.

And we were there just at the right time to enjoy a beautiful sunset!

On Sunday morning I dropped my mom off at the SF airport and had to hit up the beach for a second time on the way home. Judging from the weather at the airport I thought it would be another sunny 70 degree outing. Unfortunately we drove through a wall of fog on the way to the beach so it was a bit cool and dreary compared to the day before. At least my mom got to go on the perfect day! But we still enjoyed ourselves. The fog and lack of people gave a cool eerie feeling to the beach that I love.

Since she didn't suffer any ill effects from the day before, I let Kaya play ball again for the first time since her injury. I wrapped her leg up good and figured that the soft sand would be a good surface to let her run on. She had a blast and it turned out she spent most of the time entertaining herself by tossing the ball in the sand and then digging at it.

And this is what they looked like for most of Monday...

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. How wonderful, we are on the other side of the weather spectrum with schools closed due to the cold! Enjoy!

  2. Hurrah for Zoey. Since my Lola has dog aggression I totally know what it means to have to constantly keep eyes on a dog. I'm happy her inner puppy got to come out. So cute.

    1. It's such a joy to watch an older dog still enjoying their favorite things:)

  3. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun and you got some great pics too.

  4. FABULOUS pictures again! Especially the ones with only one dog in them. And your mom's dog. And in the fog. Kudos!

  5. Looks like a great day at the beach!