Thursday, January 16, 2014


Just after Christmas my parents, Norman and I headed to LA for a week! A little back story on how Norman got included in our trip...I was initially lobbying for both Kaya and Norman to come. My parents kept insisting that they wanted it to be a dog free vacation(what?!?) but I finally caved and said, "So you mean just Norman then?" And of course they said yes. And it turned out perfectly fine that Kaya didn't come because most of the things we did, she would have found very very boring and so I would have been in a constant state of worrying about draining her energies, keeping her calm and busy. Plus she loves our pet sitters so the ladies - Kaya, Gina and Zoey stayed behind and Norman packed his bags.

Norman's ready to go!

This was Norman's first time in a hotel and he settled in real easy. Even after a 7 hour drive he didn't even bother to sniff around the room, he just plonked himself on the floor...and then the couch...and then the bed.

On our first night in Hollywood, we took him for a long walk down Santa Monica Blvd and ended up finding a store we could not avoid...

Yes, it's a store with food made fresh in house just for dogs. Norman enjoyed some venison treats, belly rubs and butt scratches for at least 10 minutes. He did not want to leave. But when we got back to the hotel he enjoyed his dinner out of a fancy hotel bowl and passed out.

This post would be a mile long if I got into the details of our every adventure so here's the quick run down...

Graffiti Spotting


Norman meeting my nephew!

Lunch & shopping may look boring but he picked a LOT of admirers here and was a very happy guy:)

And the highlight of Norman's trip...Motlie!!

My brother and sister-in-law just moved down to Ventura where my brother is stationed at the Naval base. My brother is currently deployed but we hung out with my sister-in-law, Motlie and Kaylie. Norman, of course, was over the moon.

After 8 days away, I was so excited about seeing Kaya and Norman reunite. They've never spent more than a few hours apart so I conjured up an image in my mind of them yelping with glee and spazzing out over their reunion...I even taped it. Alas...all they did was sniff each other and then Norman went to get a drink while Kaya went outside to greet my parents.

And it was business as usual that night.

The next day was when the real fun began. We went on a long hike and they ran and played their hearts out. They were definitely overjoyed to have each other's partner in crime back in action!

And later my pet sitters told me that Kaya spent much of her time lying on the dog bed, staring out the window...waiting for her guy to return.

Did you enjoy any travels over the holidays?

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  1. LOVE the picture on Lassie's star! And the sunsets :)

  2. Love all the pics, from the beautiful living room to the pier to running with Motlie and especially the last one. :) Glad poor Kaya has her boy back!