Wednesday, February 5, 2014


During our trip down south we had to make a stop at Hollywood Blvd to check out the stars and hand prints on the sidewalk. It turned out that our only time to go there was New Year's Eve in the evening so it was very lively, though I'm guessing it might always be like that. Norman has no aversion to crowds, noise or chaos so we brought him along.

One of the main attractions there is the people who dress up as popular characters and take pictures with you. Norman was interested and curious about them but did not want to get too close. Except for Batman. Norman marched right up to him, as Batman knelt down and Norman licked his (gloved) hands and (half-exposed) face.

photos via Google images

I figured I had to get a picture of it so I took out my phone and just as I was about the snap the picture...out of nowhere a big Shar Pei stuck his nose in Norman's face! Luckily Norman is not phased by surprise visits from other dogs so he took it well but I could see in the dog's face that he was about to start something and I quickly pulled Norman back. What the f@#*$#@! ran though my mind for so many reasons. And I was even more baffled when they let out the leash and kept letting the dog come towards us while I backed away with Norman close by my side. Just then Batman held up his cape and ushered the dog (and his people) away from us!

photo via Flickr

It was so awesome but then Batman was swarmed by eager tourists and we had to get going. I never got my photo but I did get a pretty cool story.

Norman says goodbye to his hero, Batman.

As I was looking for pictures of Batman online for this post, I cam across this one from the L.A. Times. Could it be the same Batman? Could it be my future husband? ;-)

photo via Los Angeles Times

Does your dog have any super heroes (besides you?)

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  1. How fun and what a great story!! Too bad about the photo op though. I don't think our pooches have any super heros, but Edison is in LOVE with his groomer.

  2. Great story, saved by Batman!

  3. Um yeah, could dork-dom have become any hotter by those actions??!!! I'm coming to your wedding.

    1. Haha, I'm not even a fan of comics, super hero movies or batman in particular but ya, if you're gonna protect my dog...I don't care what you're dressed as:)