Monday, February 3, 2014


I'm not usually one for doing super touristy things but I figured the Hollywood Walk of Fame was one of those things I just had to check off my list on our recent L.A. trip. The only time we had free to go there happened to be on New Year's Eve so I am not sure if it was more or less busy than usual but it was chaotic and fun either way. Norman came along for the adventure. His highlight was being surrounded by admiring tourists who considered him to be the "real attraction" over the hand prints, stars in the sidewalk and street performers. Norman dished out kisses to any outstretched hands and faces.

He did take some time away from schmoozing to pose for some pictures...

There were only 2 stars I really wanted to see...

The original hero dog!


But we caught a couple others along the way...

I had dreams of coming here and running into a Jimmy Kimmel interviewer, but obviously it was a night off:(

I guess I love Phil Collins more than Norman...

The other original hero dog...Rin Tin Tin:)

It was a really fun evening. I love taking Norman places where most (or many) dogs would freak out. He is the coolest. We stopped at this pretty outdoor mall on the way back to the car...

Norman and I climbed up to the 4th level to try to see some city views but all we saw was this big elephant...

Check back tomorrow to find out how Batman rescued Norman that night! It is probably my favorite Norman story to date.

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  1. I LOVE this! What great pics :) I'm so glad he got to sit next to Johnny Depp's!

  2. Wow that must have been so much fun! Lassie's star - amazing!

  3. Way to go being such a good dog Norman! I'm curious what Batman was up too!

    1. The scheduled post thing failed me again so I'll post it tomorrow!