Thursday, October 25, 2012


We were heading back to Tahoe, but this time we had one less pretty brindle pittie with us. We would have been even more sad about this, but this weekend our new cousin pittie pup, Motlie was coming to join us!
Motlie's ready for a good time!

On our first day, I took my brother to my new favorite hiking spot and Motlie swam for the first time!

Keeping up with da cousins.

First time swimming!

She found a lot of good wood to chew on:)

Log dog.

Then we to check out the lake, which we never ended up doing last time so this was their first opportunity to swim in the lake. I wasn't sure if they would think it was too cold since they lake is always freezing due to snow run-off.

Kaya was up for it!

But Norman stayed on shore.

And made friends.

Motlie was full of piss and vinegar so she needed frequent breaks from play with her older cousins, who she found sooooo exciting.

Dis is a good spot to west?

Wie down? I don need ta wie down!

K, I twie.

Maybe I'm a widdle bit sweeepy.

Finally knocked-out semi-frog dog with giant elbows.


  1. OMG!!!! Motlie is SO stinkin' cute!!! I loved the captions on her photos! Wie down? K, I twie!

  2. Motlie's getting big! Growing into those giant paws.

  3. Motlie is soooo pretty. I love your water and hiking adventures, your dogs must have great endurance. dogs are jealous of your kids' life I think!