Friday, October 26, 2012


Unlike our last Tahoe trip, where my dogs got to spend a lot of time with my mom's dog, Zoey, we had to be extra careful not to let Zoey interact with the puppy. That much puppy play and excitement was sure to make Zoey snap so we had even more dog juggling to handle than last time. But on Motlie's last day, Zoey was busy herding Kaya and our neighbor's dog, Jasper while they played fetch so Norman and Motlie got to wrestle on the lawn. It was a blast having all the dogs out together.

Motlie, Norman, Kaya, Jasper & Zoey

Kaya purposefully lies in the middle of the puppy action to chew her ball.

For an old school fetch-master & and old school herder, Kaya is the new favorite kid on the block.

Jasper is Zoey's longtime Tahoe boyfriend, they've been at it since they were puppies! Zoey is now 9 and Jasper is 10. When they were young, Jasper's owner used to tell us that he'd spend the entire winter staring at our house, waiting for Zoey to return in the summer. Jasper is the only dog Zoey has remained friends with through her many years of dog aggression. Though now she finally has some new friends!

A long time ago!

Jasper is waiting for Zoey's return.

I guess he doesn't expect her to come for a winter visit.


Come'on Zoey!

A few years ago, Jasper's family adopted a new dog, Molly. Sadly, Zoey has gone after Molly out of jealousy over Jasper and now Molly is afraid of Zoey:(

Molly & Jasper

He's so handsome!

Nothing changes over the years.

Old friends.

Old timers keeping up with the next-gen.

I think everyone had a different agenda.


  1. The last 2 pics of all 4 are adorable! The new kids seem to fit in with the oldtimers :D

  2. That last picture is amazing! Do you have pictures of your babies framed all over the house? Because you should!

    1. I would but I have a fear of becoming "that person" lol.