Monday, April 15, 2013


As I mentioned in this post, my friend is moving here this week from Colorado and bringing her dog, Sophie. She is a lab/great dane mix, about 2 1/2, which makes her a laid back girl so my fingers are really crossed that she gets along well with Kaya & Norman. Since there is no way for them to meet ahead of time, we'll just have to wait and see.

My friend only got her a few months ago when she found her loose in her neighborhood. She brought her home and called the number on her tag. The owner actually told her he didn't even want her anymore. His daughter got the dog and moved away so he's just been taking care of her, but doesn't want to keep her if he doesn't have to. So my friend agreed to keep her. She said she is a sweet dog but nervous around new dogs. She has been living with her sisters 2 big dogs and they get along well after a bit of a rocky start. Luckily, Kaya and Norman have a pretty good way with nervous dogs and seem to know when to give others their space. And they are happy to share when it comes to their toys, chews and space so hopefully she is too! We are also not sure how she will be with a kitty, but she is calm and trainable so I think it should be okay.

My friend brings her to work with her and she loves to just hang out.

My friends' co-worker giving her an awkward cuddle whether she likes it or not...

Though they've shared their house with another dog before, this is the first time Kaya and Norman will live with another person in the house and I'm sure they will be over the moon about that. They were beside themselves the times we've vacationed with family at my parents' house in Tahoe. My concern is actually that I will have to work on their level of excitement overbearing friendliness.

Though it can be a big responsibility to take care of dogs on your own, you also have complete control of house rules and excitement levels. So it's going to be an adjustment for me and the dogs. My biggest pet peeve is dogs getting people food, even if it's dropped on the floor, so that is my one major rule that I with throw a major fit if broken. I love being able to leave my piping hot dinner plate on the coffee table and not thinking twice about it. Not to mention using my over-sized lapdog as a place to rest my popcorn bowl without her even opening an eyelid. But my friend is considerate and eager to make sure her dog knows what's expected of her, so I have the feeling everything is going to be a-okay.

Sophie girl.

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  1. Sophie looks like a great girl!

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. What a pretty girl, I'm sure she'll be able to settle in with your pups.

  3. We'll be keeping fingers and paws crossed for everybody getting along! Sophie looks like a sweetie and good for your friend for keeping her. Is she crated? Just thinking that might make introductions easier and give her a familiar place to be.

    I hear ya about people food, I am the same way. The pack knows not to touch, although in fairness, the blind ones have a bit harder time since they explore more with scent. Good luck and keep us posted!

    1. Yes! She is crate trained and we will definitely utilize that:)

  4. Sophie looks so much like my Ace. Hope they all get along ok. I'm sure they will be ok once they settle into the new routine.

  5. How are things going with them now?

    1. The dogs are getting along great but it's not going so well with the cat:/ We're working on some clicker training and a tie-down in the house...hopefully things will improve! Thanks for asking:)