Thursday, October 10, 2013


My brother's girlfriend's sister was in town this weekend along with her long-haired Doxie pup, Jacks. So us 3 girls went on a hike with Motlie, Kaylie, Jacks, Kaya, Norman and Sophie! We all had a blast!

Either she's the informant or she's been kicked out of the secret club...

It was so funny to watch each of the dogs with their own agenda. The 2 doxies mostly stayed by their person's feet but neither minded all the big dog action that flew past.

Jacks & Kaylie :)

Sophie mostly just runs all over, following her nose and ignoring everyone else.

Sophie's agenda...

Kaya runs in and around the trees, down into the streams and up the sides of the trail as Norman follows close behind her.

Got to keep cool!

We have pinpointed that Motlie is really a follower who sometimes tries to act like a tough girl. She loves to throw herself on Norman and then she gets all crazy growly. She is never aggressive and Norman actually seems to love it, but it sounds horrible and we always tell her to stop. Then she falls in line behind Kaya and Norman, seemingly saying, "wait for me guys!" Eventually Norman stops and she stalks him again and so the cycle continues. It's pretty funny to watch. Motlie is pure comedy.

My mom was baffled at how the little dogs can keep up with the big ones but when you think about it, the little ones were just trotting along with us humans(we're not that fast) and the big dogs were making giant awkward loops around us so they were really covering a lot more ground!

Our 6 dog hike was a big success and a lot of people got a kick out of us. A bonus of walking pit bulls with small dogs...people don't think they're so scary!

Good times...

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  1. What a beautiful hike! Those are some happy pups.

  2. It looks like it was a gorgeous day for a hike and it's so cool that you had your own huge pack!

  3. So much fun! Do you have to be careful of the white dogs getting sunburned or not really?

    1. Most of the hike is shaded but I put sunscreen on Kaya and Norman's faces. I should tell Motlie's momma to do it too!

  4. What fun! Hikes with friends are the best

    Stop on by for a visit