Thursday, October 10, 2013


I love, love, love bringing Norman out with me to dispel the naysayers. He is so relaxed and easy going in any situation. He is happy to lick any outstretched hand or face and enjoys pets for as long as someone will dish them out and after that, he's happy to plonk down and mind his own business. Kaya is just as friendly but she can be a bit spazzy about her interactions and often lacks the patience to just chill out.

Last weekend I brought Norman to lunch at a restaurant that is popular for it's dog friendly outdoor area. Though there weren't any naysayers, we did meet up with our family friends who have a little doxie who is a bit um...pampered. I mean, she even wears a pink bikini at the beach.

Okay, she is actually very cute and sweet. Here are some puppy pics and the famed bikini shot:)

I thought they might be squeamish about their "baby" being around Norman but they were very cool and Norman enjoyed the little creature. Of course he was stuck on the ground like the riff-raff while Zelda enjoyed her own chair at the table! At least she joined him for a minute before she started eating an unknown object.

Busy bee.

But then the real challenge came. We went to see my parents' realtor(also a family friend) at his office but I remembered hearing about their opinions on pit bulls a while ago. My mom had lunch with them and his wife said "it's too bad she'll have to return them to the shelter once they mature and become aggressive." My mom had just replied that she hadn't met them yet but that was years ago, so surely they have hit that pivotal mature stage by now. I had my dad ask if Norman could come into the office and he said okay.

I did not even tell him to lie down, he made himself at home.

Norman made his way over to the realtor, licked his hand and my dad explained that Norman gets picked on by other dogs because he is so submissive and he seemed shocked, saying, "This dog, really? No..." Then Norman made himself at home and I didn't even bother holding his leash even though plenty of people and other dogs were passing by. My dad's friend joked, "Oh, here comes a snack!" when a little fluffy dog came in. I had to hold my tongue... But Norman was a perfect gentleman. He picked up his head, curious if the dog wanted to say hi, but resumed snooze mode when it didn't happen.

I thought the real test would be when his wife came to join us. But as she walked in, she was very enthusiastic about meeting him. He gave her lots of kisses and she even leaned in for some face kisses and then rubbed his belly when he fell over at her feet. She asked if he was always like this and I said yes and she said, "They sure do get a bad rap, don't they." I smiled and agreed.

Norman would make the perfect office dog!

Do your pitties help dispel myths?

I like this reflection shot:)

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  1. We get a lot of the "bad rap" comments as well, which I suppose is good. Norman is such a good ambassador.

    1. It is good but it would be nice if people did not think ours were the exception to the norm! We know that's not true:)

  2. Well done, Norman, for being such a good pitty advocate! We get that a lot with Del being a Rottie, but when anyone meets him they fall in love. Depending on the day it can really bug me though. Smiles through clenched teeth! :) Great post x

    1. Oh ya, I've got some drafts written about bad experiences too. Sometimes it doesn't matter how well behaved your dog is. Oh and those back=handed complements!

  3. Way to go, Norman!! He would be the PERFECT office dog!! Tess definitely helps to dispel myths, especially when she's doing therapy dog work. Edison, on the other hand, doesn't do much for myths as he's overly protective and overly excited -- although I really think that's the "bulldog" in him, but we're all bullies around here!

    1. I want to get Norman into therapy work, he would love it and be so good at it:)

  4. I love hearing about your positive experiences with people that may be a bit weary of the breed. The groomer where I work has an incredible pittie that reminds me so much of Norman - so calm and gentle, no matter what kind of dogs come in and out of her grooming salon. You're lucky to have such an incredible pack - but don't I say that every single time I comment?? ;)

  5. Way to go Norman, that's so cool!

    And, you know believe it or not my dogs can sometimes cause a little fear, Boomer because he's so big and Dottie because she's a black dog. But, once people meet them they love them!

  6. He is a STELLAR avdocate!

    Stop on by for a visit