Tuesday, October 29, 2013


After I wrote this heartfelt post about how much Norman loves and adores the big squishy couch by the window, I've been proven wrong about his dedication to that special piece of furniture.

Lately he's been spending a lot more time on the other couch. I couldn't really figure out why. It's more firm, it spends less time drowned in sunlight, it's not as deep and it's not covered in a soft blanket.

But his rules of adoration still apply. He still likes to go upstairs for a nap when Kaya and Zoey go outside. He'll ditch a delicious new bone to go lounge on the couch. And it's still a colossal effect for him to get off it, even if it's time to eat, go out or go to bed.

So what gives? Why the sudden abandonment of his bff piece of furniture? I think I've figured it out. For a while I was sitting on the couch by the window a lot but lately I've switched to the other couch because it has better support when I'm working on my laptop. So it seems Norman is just a momma's boy at heart. Any couch I like, he likes.

Though he hasn't abandoned the original couch altogether so I've come to the conclusion that Norman just loves couches. And now I can feel a lot less guilty when I am ready to get rid of that eyesore of a couch!

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