Thursday, June 20, 2013


Once we knew we were going to be away for a whole month, we made sure to give the dogs some final "cousin" time with Motlie. It was a hot and sunny day so we headed to Lake Anza so the dogs could swim.

Motlie is not as sure about swimming as Kaya and Norman are but after watching them go in a bunch of times, she had to join them. After that she was swimming like a fish and couldn't get enough!

It's so funny to watch her get in because she takes each step so gingerly instead of just going for it.

After walking around the whole lake and down the trail we were super hungry so we decided to go for pizza and bring the dogs. I had to stop at home to pick up my friend so I left Kaya there since she gets impatient if she has to hang out somewhere too long.

We got a nice table outside and Norman was pretty beat so he was happy to lie down and watch all the people walk by but Motlie was way excited and I wasn't quite sure how her momma was going to eat while holding her. She had to go to the bathroom so I told her I'd hold on to Motlie for her. Before I knew it, Motlie was trying to follow her inside and since she was standing on the other side of a pillar holding up a rope to divide the tables from the sidewalk, her leash pulled it down and it dragged down the pillar on the other end too. It scared Norman so he tried to get out of the way and his leash pulled down the table leg so half of the table collapsed and all our drinks went crashing to the ground. Oops...

We got the dogs out of the way and the waiter was so nice about it. It is a very dog friendly restaurant so they are probably somewhat used to that sort of thing. We decided we had to put Motlie in the car if her momma was going to be able to eat anything. Luckily I was parked right in front and it wasn't hot out so Motlie was happy to curl up and sleep while we ate.

Norman and I had to switch spots with my friend so he didn't have to lie on the wet ground in the "scary spot" but the meal went by without a hitch after that. Well, except when Kaylie tried to steal a slice of pizza when her momma picked her up. Greedy wiener dog! And afterwards Norman got to meet a really cute pit mix with blue eyes and a couple of goofy boston terriers.

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