Monday, November 4, 2013


On Saturday we went to the Dia De Los Muertos festival in Oakland and it was a blast! I brought Norman along (I left Kaya at home to keep Zoey company) and he had a great time too. There were tons of people, good food, good music and lots of interesting things to look at.

Many of the booths were not selling or promoting anything, they were just beautifully decorated with colorful art, fresh flowers, sand and rock designs.

It was challenging to get pictures of Norman looking up at things. He wanted to spend most of the time with his nose on the ground looking for stuff to eat and when I kneel down to take his picture he comes over to kiss me.

Though he did enjoy the ponies. We had to joke that he was just hoping he could snack on their poop. I know it's gross but he always tries to eat the horse poop on our hikes.

And this moving sound-making spider did capture his attention. He was both worried and intrigued by the odd creature. Outside the picture, there were dancing screaming witch dolls too which he did not even notice.

In fact, he could not stop wondering about the spider when we tried to get him to pose for a picture with my sister-in-law in the booth next door.

And there were cool cars. Who doesn't love cool cars?

Norman tried to make friends with a couple Zombie babies and a giant rat.

Hello giant rat friend.

This zombie baby surprised him when it gasped and snarled.

But this zombie baby was receptive to kisses.

And Norman got plenty of attention from admirers. There were lots of kids at the event so he got to lick a lot of tiny fingers and one lady was so enamored with him, she scratched his butt while he sat on her lap for about 5 minutes. It made me smile that she was all dressed up but didn't care that he was getting her outfit covered in hair and dirt while she knelt on the ground with him. She sarcastically (I think) asked how much I wanted for him and though I don't normally get preachy about rescuing dogs, I did have to tell her there are millions more like him who are waiting for homes. I didn't get any pictures, but here he is smooching my sister-in-law.

And finally we sat down for margaritas while we watched the crowds go by.

Overall it was super fun but then I always enjoy a day out with my guy Norman.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time! My dogs definitely would have been a bit freaked out at the crowds and the zombies....good to have at least one mellow dog who can be a stable date for those events:)

    1. Kaya would probably been even less fussed with things than Norman but she does have more energy and can pull on the leash and compete with him for attention so ya, in that sense it's easier to just bring him sometimes:)

  2. That looks awesome! We don't have anything like that around here. Norman's collar fit right in!

  3. That looks like it was a lot of fun!

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Love his ears in the zombie baby picture. I can just imagine the look on his face.

    1. I know, he was a bit surprised:) It was pretty funny.