Thursday, November 1, 2012


It was finally Shaka's day to get spayed so we were up and out bright and early to the SPCA spay/neuter center. I actually love taking Shaka anywhere that there might be reactive dogs because she is just so so cool. This morning was no exception. The waiting room was chock full of yapping small dogs, several super excited puppies, an over-protective german shepherd, another pit bull running in place on the slippery floor and an especially whiny labradoodle type thing. We walked in, loose leash in hand and Shaka of course acted as if they were completely not there. She didn't shy away and or even look over, she was just stone cold cool. However, she happily greeted the few friendly ones like a couple of the puppies. So as we waited, amidst the chaos, this was Shaka's take on the situation...

Soon I handed her over and headed home to find this wait for me...

And we spent the rest of the day doing things like this...

When I went to pick up Shaka, the vet-tech brought her out and told me she was the calmest and easiest of any dog, not just pit bull, they have ever had in there. I was not surprised, but proud none-the-less of my sweet Honeybee. They fitted her with the super embarrassing cone-head and we were on our way. Well, first she plowed her way right into the curb on route to the car:/

The cats were pretty curious about her new attachment...

I stuffed her pain meds in some canned cat food (she did not want to eat anything else.) And then she was ready for a nap. It became apparent that it would be too hard for her to get cozy in the cone-head so I relieved her of her misery.

That was pretty much it for the night. All-in-all it was a pretty boring day for Norman & Kaya and a pretty miserable day for Shaka, no complaints from Gina. But the good news is that there will be no babies for this beauty and she is ready to go to her new home for good!


  1. That would be MY pit bull running on the floor... and or crying. Haha... at least sometimes, sometimes Hades will sit and be very well behaved. Braylon ususually tries to jump and kiss everyone. Haha.
    Shaka is such a saint! I should tell my pups she is their role model for behavior.
    When Hades got neutered (at the point of his adoption) we only had his cone on when we were gone to be safe. He never tried to lick so we were lucky there.
    Also--best picture of all: Kaya with her legs behind her and the sassy face!!!!

    1. Heck, Shaka was a role model for my pups after only having her for a few days. She has the most amazing temperament and energy, can't be trained...I've tried:)

      The cone made for good pictures, but didn't end of being necessary, poor girl.

  2. Oh, vet offices. Glad that Shaka's surgery went well, and that she doesn't even need the cone.

  3. Love the cat in the pot :)

    Stop on by for a visit