Sunday, November 11, 2012


Life's pretty boring around here right now, so I've decided to make a few posts about a trip we took to Lake Tahoe in August. It's pretty much my favorite place on earth and I'm also pretty sure my dogs agree! It was an awesome week because we were joined by my parents, my brother and sister-in-law and my cousin. Plus, my dogs got to bond with my mom's German Shepherd, Zoey. It may not look like it from the pictures, but Zoey has pretty serious dog aggression. Oddly, water acts like a buffer zone for her which blocks out all her issues. She has really gotten used to Kaya & Norman and has grown to enjoy their the shock of everyone who knows her.

In short, here's what we did all week:

Went on a big hike...


Swam with my cousin...

Got to know the family...

Watched some pretty sunsets...

Or is it moonrise...

Rode a gondola up a mountain...

Went to a dog festival...

Made a new friend...

Zoey captured a rock...

We took in the sights...

And swam in the river...

What an amazing week! Plenty more pics coming this week in case you've got the winter's coming blues...

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  1. I can understand why that is a favorite spot, it is breathtaking and it looks like the pups had an awesome time.

  2. Holy moly, that is a gorgeous place. I've been once and it was magical. So nice when you can find a way for a dog with "issues" to relax!

  3. What a great trip, the photos are amazing!

  4. Beautiful photos! I would love to visit Lake Tahoe someday. Your pups look like they had a year's worth of adventures on a single trip-I love the swimming pictures. We are jealous!

    1. Thanks! It looks like a postcard, I can't believe it's real every time I'm there:)

  5. That looks like the best vacation ever! Kaya and Norman are two lucky pups!

  6. I love that picture of Kaya's ears flapping as she runs!
    Also I'm jealous... I want a Norman kiss!
    I say it all the time, you have some lucky pups!

    1. I'm sure Norman would love to give you a big kiss!

  7. I didn't know that dogs were allowed up the gondolas. How cool!