Thursday, November 8, 2012


It's hard to believe, but Norman has turned a whole year old. But when I look at him I still see my sweet, silly, innocent cuddle-monster that we brought home in January. I love that he hasn't changed a bit since the day I met him because he was the easiest puppy! He didn't have anything to learn as far as manners go, he was never mouthy, destructive or hyper. Just goofy, sensitive and uncoordinated. Check out this puppy video I just posted to see what I mean! He is still exactly same way. Yes, he topples over on a daily basis and makes the biggest u-turns I've ever seen. And he has a daily quota of kisses and cuddles that must be fulfilled. I just love him to bits:)

Ok, I confess. I stole the pictures from Kaya's B-Day because I did not have the heart to humiliate them twice in 1 year!

Birthday kisses <3

Party time:D

Someone looks partied out...

So birthdays around here go like this...

Extra morning cuddles(is this possible?)

A fun outing(I think we do this every day anyways?)

At our favorite place...Pt. Isabel!

Swimming with new friends!

And he ran into his buddy, Lulu!

A raw meat dinner(how do dogs on raw diets make their birthday meal special?)

I so hungry!

Someone was patient and someone was not:/

Tell me what we're gonna do about this situation.


With seconds, of course:)

We're gonna need some more of that good stuff, lady.

That's what we're talking about...just give us the go ahead, lady.

Somebody train this kitteh!


And a knuckle bones!

Could there be thirds? No...but there are knuckle bones for dessert!

Topped off by more cuddles:)

Yes, we have said goodbye to hearing "look at the cute puppy!" but I couldn't be more thrilled to have this guy in our lives...I hope I know him for a very, very long time:)

Happy Birthday Wubbies!


  1. What an exceptional fun birthday you had. Hope you have many many more happy birthdays!

  2. Soooo cute! Looks like he had a wonderful birthday. I have trouble fathoming a puppy who's not a complete disaster--it sounds like you really lucked out :)

  3. Looks like an awesome birthday, Dude. My mom said I might get to have a knuckle too! Thanks for the tip, Ray-Ray.

  4. Happy Birthday Norman, it looks like it was celebrated in style! Which is how every pup should have their birthday!

  5. So patient to wait, even with a kitty in the bowl! Haha, very cute.
    Happy birthday, Norman! I'm pretty sure that cute "puppy" face is going to be with you till you're a teenager. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Norman! It sounds like you had a really great day! And you didn't even have to wear the silly hat again; what a nice mom you have :)

  7. Happy birthday, Norman! What a special day he had! I just can't get over how cuddly all the furkids at your house are. It's the cutest.

  8. Awww happy birthday, Norman! Sounds like he had an awesome day - he looks adorable in his birthday hat! :)

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Stop on by for a visit