Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A message from Kaya & Norman...
Did you think we were talking about the thing where the peoples decide which peoples they like better than other peoples? No...this is serious stuff, okay.
So...we went to the place with all the green and brown stuff where we got to run and play with our momma. But once we got in the big thing that moves fast, it seemed like something was wrong because all holes were open and the wind was blowing like crazy even though the sky was black. And when we got home, we couldn't go on the squishy thing or the other squishy thing! 

Then we knew...momma made us go in the white thing with the wet stuff. We like the wet stuff, but only when there's a lot of it and we go in it when we're playing. Not when it's all hot and steamy and slippery. Then to make it worse, our kitteh showed off that she didn't have to get in the wet stuff. Momma said we were stinky cos we rolled in something "disgusting." I don't seemed like such a good idea at the time. The only good thing was that after the nightmare part we both got a big piece of the yummy stuff and then we each got one of those yummy things that takes longer to eats.

We hope this never ever happens again. Thank you.
We were having so much fun.

Until someone(s) stank up the car.

Kaya is a real pain in the ass in the bath, she spins in circles the whole time.

But Gina loves it! She stays on the ledge when the water is running and then jumps in the tub when I turn it off.

Why you hates me?

Norman knows something is up...not sure what gives him that impression?

But then we gets a whole piece of chicken, doesn't keep us from wondering when we get seconds though! Lady?

Norman hates the bath more than Kaya, but he sits perfectly still the whole time.

I cry but I still want to kiss you.

I'll never understand your ways, kitteh.

While Gina is mocking Norman, Kaya is already up and waiting for her next round of treats.

Ummm ya...we're gonna need you to hand over those chicken strips right now lady.

Heck ya! We got bully sticks...see ya later, lady!

Poor Gina is left to wonder why they don't make bully sticks for cats:(

I love it that Norman has yet to get the hang of holding things between his paws...I hope he never does:)


  1. Bath time is never fun huh pups? Boomer and Dottie just survived theirs last week and then of course had to pout after it was over and even after the treats.

  2. I know I say this all the time, but I am so jealous of your furry family! I love how much they love each other and you have some great characters :)

  3. Aww, thank goodness for bully sticks after bath time. :-) They are sooo cute with their little wet faces.

  4. LOL So sorry about the bathies Kaya and Norman! I'm just wanting to hear some of the true story from you mama about why you had to be rushed into the bathtub as soon as you got home. I have a feeling that you two may have been leaving out a few details in your story =)

    1. OMG Pitlandia...I must admit I do not bathe my dogs when they are dirty because in that case they would be bathed every day. And one of the beauties of a pit bull is that they can be caked in mud when you put them in the car, but when you get home they look somehow clean!

      But about every other week they find some kind of doodoo that does not belong to a dog or a horse or anything else I recognize...that's where I draw the line:/ Well, I draw the line at any doodoo but this is the stuff they love to roll in:(

  5. Arrgh you guys must have been really stinkin', to have had to go through something like that! The pictures of wet dogs are priceless, and that kitty looks like she knows just how to rub it in.

  6. Love that wet dog look on a pup with barely any hair! Still so cute and pitiful.

  7. I love these photos. They tell a great story! Your pitties are so cute and well-behaved.

    Bath-time is long overdue in Tommy's house.

  8. I love your photos! And I always love how the cats are always involved in whatever the dogs are doing! :) What a sweet family!

  9. You have such beautiful pitties! Bath time is never fun :( We make ours come in the shower haha.

    1. Thanks! I can't picture them stepping foot in a shower!