Tuesday, October 29, 2013


After I wrote this heartfelt post about how much Norman loves and adores the big squishy couch by the window, I've been proven wrong about his dedication to that special piece of furniture.

Lately he's been spending a lot more time on the other couch. I couldn't really figure out why. It's more firm, it spends less time drowned in sunlight, it's not as deep and it's not covered in a soft blanket.

But his rules of adoration still apply. He still likes to go upstairs for a nap when Kaya and Zoey go outside. He'll ditch a delicious new bone to go lounge on the couch. And it's still a colossal effect for him to get off it, even if it's time to eat, go out or go to bed.

So what gives? Why the sudden abandonment of his bff piece of furniture? I think I've figured it out. For a while I was sitting on the couch by the window a lot but lately I've switched to the other couch because it has better support when I'm working on my laptop. So it seems Norman is just a momma's boy at heart. Any couch I like, he likes.

Though he hasn't abandoned the original couch altogether so I've come to the conclusion that Norman just loves couches. And now I can feel a lot less guilty when I am ready to get rid of that eyesore of a couch!

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Monday, October 28, 2013


Kaya and Norman are huge fans of these Himalayan cheese chews for dogs. Other than kneecaps and the odd raw bone, these are the only chews they enjoy. They've vetoed antlers and everything else I find to be unhealthy. So I'm really glad they're a hit! They can last a long time and come in different sizes. Sometimes I just give them the small dog ones for an after dinner snack.

A lot of the time, they chew on them for a while and come back to them later. Unlike their icky kneecaps that they have to eat outside, these don't stink to high heavens or leave a greasy crumbly mess everywhere so they can eat them inside and I don't mind having a couple lying around for them to pick up when they want it.

It's funny because sometimes I give them a nice big brand new chew but they drop it on the floor and look at me like I'm evil for not presenting something better. And later I find them chewing on the thing for hours like it's the best ever. Other times they graciously take it from me and chomp away.

Funny thing, it says on the package that if you microwave the tiny leftover chunks, they puff up and your dog can finish them safely. It works! They double in size and get really lightweight but hard like a giant-size Cheeto. The dogs love it even more this way but they eat it really quick!

I love that they're healthy too! The fat content is less than 1% and they're grain-free. The only ingredients are yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice. Plus they never go bad and no, they do not have to be refrigerated so I keep a bunch on hand. I have no idea why, but they seem to like the lighter color ones better. 

Has anyone tried these? Do your dogs like them?

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Norman has a funny habit. But I find it very endearing. He is allowed on the bed. He has always been allowed on the bed. He sleeps on it all night and he naps on it during the day.

But every night he will not get on the bed until I am on it.

He gets on and off it during the day, with or without me around. But at night, he waits. He watches me as I wash up and he lies down on the floor as if I've given him a command to do so.

He won't get on the bed even if I pat the bed and say, "Come 'on, good boy!" He stands there and he wags his tail and sometimes he even whines and rests his chin on the bed but he won't get on it.

He won't get on it even as he watches Kaya jump up and make herself comfortable.

He clearly wants to. He earnestly looks at me with big eyes and then he looks at the bed. I tell him it's okay but he always lies down down on the floor instead. The oddest thing is that I've never taught him not to go on the bed. Not when he was a little puppy and we were sleeping on an airbed and not when we were sleeping on the futon and not when we have slept at my mom's house and not when I got my new bed in this house. I'm fairly strict about a lot of things but they've always been allowed on furniture and don't need to ask for permission so it baffles me why just at bedtime, he waits for me.

But it is so darn cute. Even if I go up and down the stairs to get things or hang out upstairs for another 10, 20 minutes, he lies on the floor by the bed and he waits for me to come back. Then when I finally get into bed, he happily leaps onto the bed, he gives me a bunch of kisses and plops down and goes to sleep.

Does anyone else have a dog with an odd behavior like this?

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